Going anonymous for obvious reasons….

I am a straight man , i went out for a buisness trip there i had found a black guy ( tall and healthy guy ) waiting for me to pick up …. He picked me up from airport and dropped me to my hotel i asked him to have a coffee or tea with me we both sat in my room drinking it and having some normal casual talks when he just put his hands on my thighs and started to seduce me ….. I have never been anally penetrated nor i have penetrated anally any men but honestly it was my desire to do so …. I first hesistated but his seduction made me feel so horny and the moment and my dick got rock hard soon i thought both will have the chances to fuck i didn’t knew i was going tp be submissive and he will be the dominant …. I also put my hands on his tighs and tried to took my hands tp his butts when he told me to remove his pants first as i removed his pants off my first word was OH MY GOD!!! his dick was way bigger than me almost 8 inches and mine was nearly 6.5 inches and had a lot of thickness he then hold my head and hair tightly and forced my head to give him a blowjob firstly it was quite awkward but within 20–30 seconds i was comfortable and with a minute I was loving it he deep throated me on that couch where we were sitting then he stood up removed his shirt and i got on my knees and gave a blowjob he told he was loving it so much he hold my hair and made me suck his dick like a pornstar but i loved it so much then he removed my clothes and we were in 69 position i was sucking his dick and he was sucking my asshole and slapping my butts i was moaning a bit when ge pushes he tougue in my asshole little I TOTALLY LOVED IT!!! then he applied lube on his dick and on my asshole and then started inserting in me slowly it hurt a lot he put full of his length in me slowly and then stayed for sometime he did it to me for 4–5 times then he started to fuck me slowly on the couch and you won’t belive i had an intense orgasm within 3–4 minutes on the couch without even touching my dick then he lift me in his arms like a pornstar and took me to the bedroom and while doing this he was fucking me we tried doggystyle then he fucked me and my mistake was i whispered in between my moaning that “yeah baby put it deep in me it feels so good fuck me harder and deeper” and he started to fuck me like a bull and within 1 minute i came again so hard and within 5 minutes of hard fucking he told he was going to cum i told i need it on my face he turned me on my knees and came on my face and in my mouth i swallowed his cum and cleaned his dick and took even the last drop of cum i thought it was over so i was going when he pulled me and said give me some blowjob and deep throat me i did it for 8–10 minutes and then he told me to ride his dick i was pretty surprised but this time i could manage the entry and exit of his dick i started in reverse cowgirl i started to ride his dick jump on it while my dick was bouncing and slowly i was doing it when he grapped my stomach and started to fuck me even harder than before when i said i am going to cum please don’t stop baby go hard and deep he stopped and i told me please don’t i need it please i waited for 2–3 minutes when he again started but those 2–3 minutes was like hours and when he again started he fucked my balls deep and i came so hard and did what i don’t wanted to do i kissed him on his lips while cumming this aroused him more hard and he fucked me hard and deep and within 10 minutes of rough fucking he told he was going to cum i told u want creampie he came in me his pulsating dick and warm cum felt so good in my butthole that i came again my orgasm while getting fucked was way better than masturbating then we both slept for more than 2 hours i slept in his arms like a girl when we woke up before leaving he told me to give him a blowjob and he came for third time in my mouth and i swallowed it he told my ass felt really good while i was cumming since when i came my butthole gets tightened on his dick i blushed with sime awkwardness then his kissed and left the place it was so awesome first anal and BBC experience for me and i totally loved it!!!

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