In High School I attended a wild cheerleader party at the head cheerleader’s house. Kelly was the head cheerleader. With her parents out of town, we had the place to ourselves. At first there were about 50 teens there. As the night wore on, our numbers reduced to about 10. There were four of us guys, and six foxy-hot girls from the cheerleading squad. We were all under-aged ranging from myself at age 17, to some of the younger girls at age 16. We really did not know the ramifications of what we were about to do. We were all friends, and knew each other since Middleschool. Kelly wanted us to do something really fun. She decided that we should play a game called “Blind And Seek.” It was a game that her parents played with friends of theirs. Each of us would strip down to our underwear in a bathroom, become blind-folded, then enter a bedroom together with the lights turned off. I was a little apprehensive, but it sounded like fun. I knew I wasn’t going to get laid or anything. I just figured this game had to be better than “Spin The Bottle,” and boy was I right!

Stripped to my underwear, and blindfolded, I entered the bedroom. The rules were simple; be anonymous, say nothing, no names, no talking, just touching whomever, and “where-ever” you wanted. Upon entering the room I was completely blind. All I could hear were teens brushing up against each other, touching and exploring each other’s private parts. In complete darkness, I instantly became rock hard as a girl in the dark wiggled her fingers down my the front of my underwear. Then with a light kiss on my lips, she moved on to another. Making my way in the pitch darkness, I soon heard some girl giggling sounds coming from one corner of the room. Feeling my way in the dark, I sat down totally blind between a couple of girls on what felt like a bed. Laying back, one by one I fondled and French kissed each of the girls. It was like a Smorgasbord of willing lips. It made me rock hard and throbbing to have wild sex with one of them. In the background, I began to hear the heavy breathing of two teens getting it on somewhere on the carpeted floor.

One of the girls on the bed turned out to be a really good French kisser. Exploring her crotch, she was warm, wet, and wore “no” panties. I figured; “How lucky could I get!” I could tell by perfume on her neck, the girl I was now making out with was likely Kelly, the head cheerleader. She was clearly the hottest girl on the squad. As we blindly French kissed, my erect penis rested squarely against Kelly’s uncovered crotch. Slowly she spread her legs whispering in my ear to “go ahead and slip it in.” Kelly was ready, and so was I. Warm and slippery, I slipped right into her. It was such a erotic feeling, pushing deeper and deeper into a girl I could not see. Really knowing it was that fox cheerleader Kelly, I was so turned on I could not stop as pressure started to built. In the heat of passion, I lost all control, blasting my wad into her.

In the end, without saying a word we slipped apart, and in that pitch black room, Kelly got up, and disappeared in the darkness. I was more careful with my second erection not to blast my wad off too soon. As my erection returned, I made my way from girl to girl. Once I made contact, we would drop to the carpet. Foreplay seemed to became un-necessary. The moment we laid on the carpet, the new girl in the dark guided me straight in. Being larger than most, I loved slipping myself into each new girl, listening to them gasp as I bottomed out. One by one, I road them for a minute or so, only to pull out to move on to another girl. I knew I had that one wad left, and wanted it to count.

Slowly, one by one teens quietly left the room sexed out. Thinking the room was empty, and that I had waited too long, I started feeling my way to the door. Suddenly, I felt a little hand starting to touch my crotch and penis. Clearly there was still one last girl still in the room. She seemed a little different than the others. When she touched me, her hands were smaller. As I French kissed her and ran my hands up and down her body, she seemed shorter and more petite than the other girls. Alone together in that pitch black room, she took my hand and easily directed my way back to the bed. There, I slipped off her panties and started exploring her crotch with my tongue. Desperately wanting to shoot off my last wad, I knew it was now or never. I licked my way up her body, all the while wondering which cheerleader she was. Like the other girls, she instantly spread open her legs wide, as my penis rubbed against her crotch. Still wondering which cheerleader she was, I entered into her only the first inch or two. Quietly, I broke the game rule. I whispered in her ear if she was ready for me. In a young voice I did not recognize, her response was simply; “Go for it,” and she proceeded to stick her wet tongue in my ear. All I could think about was how ready I was to blast my last wad into this girl. She gasped, as I slid myself as deep as I could into her petite little body. Then rode her hard. It was a work-out riding that girl, trying to blast off my last wad. Determined to finish inside her, both of our bodies soon became covered in sweat. Sliding against each other, I finally crossed that point of no return, and happily exploded my last wad deep inside her. Exhausted, drained out, and not really wanting it to end, I lingered inside her as our bodies became relaxed.

Suddenly someone turned on the lights and said; “Games over! You can take off your blindfold now!” Pulling out of the girl I just sexed, I saw Kelly standing there at the door watching us. She was wondering where I disappeared to. Now she knew. Seeing that I had just finished sexing my brains out, she asked what the heck I was doing fucking her little sister. Now with the lights on, I could see that the girl I had just pumped full of semen, was actually Kelly’s 12 year old little Emily. Emily said she had sneaked into the room, and watched while I sexed with her big sister. She felt it was only right that she should have a turn too. Emily told me that she had waited in the corner of the bedroom for all the girls to leave, before walking up to tenderly touch my crotch. With a big smile on her face, Emily thanked me for the “fun time” she just had. Then darted past her big sister standing at the door. Kelly looked “really unhappy” as I headed toward the door. Walking out past Kelly, she called me a “Slut With A Nice Dick.” I just smiled back, happily knowing that I clearly sexed and pollinated two sisters in the same night:)

We all left that party with smiles on our faces knowing we all did something really fun and naughty, especially me. Fortunately for all, there were no fall-outs from our promiscuous interconnected encounters.

Its been clearly the most erotic experience I have ever had:)

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