These porn-inspired questions never cease to amaze me.

As a woman whose had her fair share of dick, let me set the record straight.


You get up in the morning and take a dump. Somedays, the poop is big and long and takes its time to come out. You can feel your asshole stretching out as the faeces departs from your body. Does your asshole stay stretched out afterward? Does faeces keep on dropping out of it as it makes it way to your rectum? No. It contracts to its usual size. If it doesn’t, it means you have a serious medical condition that needs urgent attention.

A vagina works in a similar way. It can push out a fucking human baby, and return to its original size. Why the fuck do you think a big dick, which will always be a fraction of the size of a baby, will make it permanently loose?

I’ve fucked dicks of various sizes. None of their owners ever told me I felt loose. On the contrary, the general refrain is ‘You’re so tight!’. Ego massage? Or biological truth based on women’s experiences?

I know where this question stems from. Porn and size anxiety. So let me set the record straight.


Imagine me pushing a dry cucumber up your ass. Now imagine me doing that after having lubed your asshole and the cucumber. What do you think is less painful? The lubed bit, I hope.

Many guys with big dick think of themselves as god’s gift to womankind. They expect us to turn into raving sluts at the mere sight of their penis, and cum as soon as it enters us. And that’s all they do - lie recumbent, with no effort expended toward any kind of pleasuring. All it really does is make us want to use excess amounts of lube so that the stupid dick doesn’t cause us bodily harm, and wait till the idiot finishes so we can slip out and ghost the fuck out of him.

In contrast, guys with average and small sized dicks are almost always better. They never feel painful, and they usually put in extra effort to make sure the sex is enjoyable. Sure, there are bad ones in this category too, but there proportion, atleast in my opinion, is far lower than among the big dickers.

That said, if a big dicker knows his technique, then the sex can be heaven incarnate. The best sex I’ve had is with a big dicker who knew his way around good sex. I’d be happy to sign up for another session with him if I had the chance.

Then again, the worst sex I’ve had is with another big dicker who tried to go in me too early, without even kissing me. It didn’t improve much, afterward.

So stop obsessing about the size of your dick. You have what you have. If you’re blessed with a donkey-sized appendage, learn how to use it well. If you’re not, then learn the same techniques anyway. The vagina will always remain tight enough for your liking.

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