OMG, this is going to hurt.

I can't believe I’m actually going to do this.

Oh God, he's got my panties off, and he is already naked, there’s no stopping now.

My brain says to stop.

The rest of me isn't listening to my brain.

Damn that thing is big. And it's funny looking. And it totally turns me on that I made it stick out like that.

Oh no. I'm not on birth control.

Here it comes.

He’s too big to get it to go in.

Damn, it won't go in.

It hurts, but not super bad.

It's starting to go in. Oh God, it really hurts now.

I can't believe I’m doing this.

He's taking it back out.

Maybe it won't happen. Sort of a relief.

Oh no, he's starting to push it in again.

It's going in better. It's definitely in me for sure now.

It still hurts, but not as bad as it did.

He’s taking it back out. No, back in. He’s doing what I have seen in porn videos.

I wish I could see his butt.

This has been happening for maybe 1 minute, 2 minutes tops, and he’s doing it a little different.

OMG, he just came inside me.

He's not quitting is he?

Oh hell no, you aren't quitting now. I let you do this, and you are going to finish the job.

There you go; put it back in.

It's feeling better.

I really can't believe I’m doing this, and with a guy I've only been dating 3 weeks.

Another 5 minutes, I think he is really done now.

We talk for a little while.

He goes home.

Well, it was good.

I think.

I can’t believe I did it.

Why did I let it happen?

One of my friends calls. Asks me how my date went.

I debate whether to tell her. I decide not to.

I hope I didn't get pregnant.

What will people say.

Can people tell I did it?

Do I walk differently?

Will my mom know?

Will my DAD know?

What will the highschool boyfriend say? We went to different colleges, and agreed it was OK to date other people.

Losing your virginity is included in dating.


What will tomorrow night’s dorm Bible study be like.

This is a common topic.

It comes up. I have nothing to say.

Two days later, I go over to my three-week (almost four) guy’s apartment for the sole purpose of doing it again.

Much better this time.

I also made him wear a condom.

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