I used to crave for sex when I was pregnant. This incident happened when I was in my third trimester.

I was lying on my bed reading a book. My husband, who had just returned from work, was also in the room. He decided to go take a shower. He stripped naked and I saw his semi-hard dick. It turned me on. Before going into the bathroom, he came and kissed me. He then walked into the bathroom.

I couldn’t see him from my bed but I started craving for his dick. I gently got up and took off all my clothes. I went back to the bed and lay down naked. He had by then finished showering and was towering himself. He then walked out of the bathroom.

A smile came on his face when he saw me lying nude. He dropped his towel and came to me. We kissed and started fondling each other. A little bit of fondling was what I needed. I spread my legs and asked him to finger me. He did so on my command. I felt my hormones taking over my senses but then he stopped.

He asked me to turn around. It meant doggy. I did as he told me to and turned around on all fours and spread my legs. I didn’t realise how hard he was till the time he entered me. I felt him go deep inside me.

Gradually he started going deep in me. We got into a rhythm and we’re fucking like crazy. All of it in doggy position. We were moaning together and then suddenly I came hard. I wanted him to stop but he didn’t. He was also getting close to his orgasm. He moaned louder and louder and with his final push inside me, he released his cum. I felt his semen in my vagina. Dripping out. We lay in bed together, spent, and kissing each other.

It lasted barely 10 mins, but it was thrilling and messy and thoroughly enjoyable.

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