Yes I have got double penetrated twice. Both were vaginally and anally.

The 1st experience was a mess as for both of the guys and me it was the first time doing double penetration.

But the second one was best of best. As both of the guys were really experienced (in double penetration). This happened when I was 23. It was with one of my friend (28) and a black guy who is his co-worker (31)

It was a position like cowgirl position. My friend below me and co-worker above. They swapped twice. They both also had pretty long cock. My friend was like 6–7 inch and his co-workers dick was 7–8 inch.

It happened in his house when I went their for a visit. I also lasted for about 35+ min (after 2 rounds). The best thing was when they cummed inside me. I was actually full of both of their cum.

But after this double penetration my anal started hurting when we sit on a chair. But after a day it would be OK.

Love double penetration you must also try it. Waiting for more of double penetration

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