I had with one of my wife’s relatives.

We all were having a family get together at my wife’s parents’ place. a few of my wife’s cousins (some single, some with their partners) were present as well. Her parents live in the outskirts in a pretty big house. I have a 3 yr old, and he almost always slept in the main bedroom with her grandparents. they don’t seem to mind and so we never object either.

one late night after dinner, i was finishing some work stuff in the study room. Some were still hanging out in the living room and others had already went to bed. My wife sleeps early and had gone to the guest bedroom that we had been given. I hadn’t finished my work but I got bored and started surfing porn. It had been almost a week since we had been visiting and my wife never has sex when anyone else is in the house. So a complete dry spell for me. I jacked off for a while and was horny as hell, but once you know the feel of a woman, the hand is never the same. I was craving for the real thing. So, even though I knew it was going to slightly piss my wife off the next day, I decided that I was going to get my fuck and deal with my wife’s complaints later.

So i shut off my laptop, went to the guest bedroom where we sleep, locked the door, stripped out of my pajamas and slipped besides her. She was on her side facing away. I caressed her thighs and kissed her neck, and could feel her moan. I assumed it was all the wine she had during the long dinner. She was already pushing her ass into my crotch, so I rolled up her skirt upto her waist, pulled out her panty (with her help of course), and started rubbing my dick on her pussy lips. God, it felt good. Weirdly, she was already wet which explained the low resistnace, and lifting her leg slightly, I slipped my cock inside her warm pussy immediately. pure bliss.

Just a few deep thrusts in, I reached around to her front with my hand and cupped her boob from below the top. And i instantly knew she couldn’t be my wife. My wife had big C cup, with bullet sized nipples, and this girl had B cups at most with much smaller nipples. I couldn’t see anything in the dark, and I knew I should have got up right away. but now that my cock was in a warm pussy, all I wanted to really do is cum inside her. and deal with the consequences later.

I kept playing with her boobs and her nipples. She had a hot body with plump ass that I squeezed to my heart’s content and in less than 5 minutes I cummed inside her. To avoid making her suspicious, and also because I didn’t want to ruin my moment of ecstasy after unprotected hot sex with whoever she was, I spooned her for another 5 minutes. Then I got up, quickly got dressed and left. I went to back to the study room and really started analyzing what just happened. The most logical answer was that I probably went into a wrong room. it was a big house and for someone who has been there for only a few times, it was not impossible to mix up, especially in the dark. There were a total of 7 females that night, and only two of them would fit the boob size that the girl had. Either my wife’s cousin or one of her brother’s girlfriends. Both were there with their SOs, so they probably assumed I was someone else.

I sat there for half an hour, before I left again. This time I made sure I was in the right room. The next morning was life as usual, no hell raised. So apparently, either that girl still didn’t know that she had sex with another guy, or she knew but chose to kept quiet. Either way, I didn’t push my luck in the remaining nights, though i really wished to get one more fuck with whoever it was. One of the best memories ever.

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