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How was your first sex experience as a female?

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My first experience was with my bf. I was 19 at that time and I had a slim figure with medium sized petite boobs. My body was still confused if I am ready for it or not. It was counselling time and I had no idea whether both me and my bf would get the same college or not. We had made up our minds that we may not meet again , so why not give it a beautiful start to a long distance relationship.

We booked a hotel room in delhi to spend some quality time together. It was my very first time when I was going to a hotel. It was the phase when me and my bf looked just “out of school” teens. We did not look mature enough,but afterall we were adults. So there was not much problem in getting into the hotel.

We freshened up, ordered food and went out for a movie. On our way back to our room, my bf bought a pack of condoms from the nearby pharmacy. We were amateurs back then so we only had cold drink.

We were in bed and were kissing and cuddling. My bf kissed my nipples and licked my navel. We both were fully naked soon. I remember that as it was my first sexual experience, i had trimmed my pubic hair. When my bf removed his underwear I got a little scared on seeing his dick. I had seen big and thick dicks in porn till now. His cock was long,black and so thick. He had short stubbed hair on his balls. But that cock looked like a monster to me!!!

My bf put on a condom and was teasing my clit. I thought I am wet enough to take his monster cock. He kept his cock at the entrance of my pussy and gave a slight push No….. It was still out. he placed it again and this time he pushed harder. The tip of his dick had just stretched the opening of my pussy. I let out a shriek. It was already hurting me. My nails were digging his shoulders in pain.

He pushed it further inside and we looked at each other. I was crying silently as his cock tip had entered tearing my hymen and it felt as if a vacuum is sucking him inside . And at the same time it felt that his cock has to tear apart the soft pink wet walls of my pussy to enter deep inside. The pain felt as if some flesh is getting cut.

My bf pulled out his cock and the tip of his cock had a few drops of blood on it. He had tore off a little part of my hymen but had not penetrated fully. He looked at my pussy and then started kissing me. He offered me his dick to stroke it while it gets slightly more erect. Seeing me crying had made his dick slightly limp. But we kissed and I was stroking it gently and he was erect again.

This time he placed his cock on my pussy and pushed it hard inside. Half of his cock was inside. But I felt such a pricking pain that it felt just unbearable. I shrieked so badly that my bf was afraid ,someone else would hear my voice.

My bf wanted to go deeper inside but I stopped him. His cock was unbearable for me. He pulled out his cock and it was smeared with blood. We both then had a warm bath and did not proceed further.

When I went back to my hostel I realized that I was not even able to walk properly and my panty used to get blood stains every now and then. This continued for two days. But somehow we both regret that it failed to become a special moment.

We looked up to many you tube videos,stories . Infact we both read many first night stories and how to prepare for it. In short we both saw many porn videos and decided to do something about it.


We planned to go to Mussourie. We booked a hotel room at mall road. We both had no experience of travelling somewhere out of our cities. We both were super excited and nervous at the same time.

In the evening we both went out to mall road and had dinner in Kalsang. On our way back , my bf bought KS condoms, some chocolates and fruit beer. We reached our room.

I had made a wrap around saree kind of thing with my shawl. It looked really sexy as my boobs were visible from the side of the wrap around. My waist was clinched and my ass looked tight and vulnerable. I had put on some lip gloss and perfume.

My bf was in his tshirt and shorts. We both got in bed and were enjoying the chocolates together. We kissed and he offered me fruit beer. He slid the shawl to a side and licked my nipples. It was so erotic!! He placed some silk chocolate which were not fully melted, on my nipples and sucked and licked them. My nipples were erect and I opened up my another boob asking for more. He sucked them as well and now I can clearly see the greed in my bf’s eyes.

He went down inside the blanket and after a while I could feel something in my pussy. It was his tongue!!!. He was licking my pussy like a fucking dog!!! He was not arousing me, infact he was making my pussy wet and lubricated enough to take his monster cock inside without much pain.

He was squeezing my boobs and eating out my pussy. I did not feel I will cum in his mouth but it felt very erotic and I was wanting something inside me. He surprised me even more when he inserted a finger in my pussy. I had never felt anything like that before!!! It was so slutty yet so pleasurable.

When my bf saw I am wet enough, he put on a condom and before thrusting it inside, he asked me to lick and suck his cock. I did it as I had seen it in porn. He had a rock hard boner and I was both aroused and scared.

He placed his dick on my pussy and thrust it inside in one push. It was halfway inside again. But then, he spread my thighs wider and with another thrust was inside me fully. To my amazement, it was lot less painful. There was slight pain though, but it was bearable,

He started fucking me and was so excited to finally enter me. I was feeling pleasurable and sexy. My pussy though pink and slightly swollen was enjoying each and every thrust. I could clearly see my bf turning red when after some time he came in his condom and was just lying on me, tired but satisfied.

We did it again and it was more pleasurable than before.

So that’s how my first sex had been.

Thanks for viewing. An upvote will highly encourage to write more of my sexual encounters.

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