First, you kiss and hug, then feel each other. You kiss her harder, and more passionately, as you feel he tits and her ass, her legs, etc. Then you play with her tits, kiss her tits, and fondle them, paying particular attention to her nipples. You kiss her tits and nipples, then suck on her nipples for a little time, paying attention to both nipples. Of course, you feel her ass, and maybe kiss her ass. After a while, you put your hands between her legs, and gently spread her legs a little, and you feel her pussy. Then you slide your finger into her pussy, get it wet, and then gently rub her clit with your wet fingers. Do this for a while. It takes a woman time to get completely turned on and ready for sex. You tell her that she has a beautiful body, and great ass, and wonderful tits. After she is turned on from playing with her clit, you help her spread her legs farther apart, and she helps you do this. Of course, at this time, your dick is very hard. You lay your cock toward her pussy, and aim it into her pussy. You many need to take hold of the head, and guide it in. More often, she guides your cock in, as she wants it in her. You place your penis head at the opening of her pussy, and slide it it. Often the first thrust is a little tight, because there is not sufficient lubrication yet. As you slide your cock in and partially out a couple of times, it get wetter, and slides easier. Your cock is also throbbing with each stroke. She is moaning with pleasure, and you keep feeling her tits and ass. You sink you cock deep into her, up to your balls. As you keep thrusting, you feel the tension, the pleasure, the fantastic feeling at the head of your cock constantly increasing, as you stroke in her. The thrusting and stroking becomes like a frenzy, as the feelings take over your body. You can then feel that your dick is going to explode in her. You know the explosion is about to happen. Then you explode in her, and you naturally thrust as deep as you can, and it feels so very good. After a bit, you stop, because you have cum in her. You lay there, n her. You can feel your still hard cock in her. It slowly starts to deflate, and your cock slowly starts getting back to normal size, and after a while, it slides out of her, depending on the position you are in. During all the time of playing with her tits, kissing, etc. you finger her clit, and doing so in a manner that gives her pleasure. After a while, she gets waves of pleasure, She moans. You thrust your cock in her, and you still play with her clit. After a while, she starts to tighten her muscles, her hips start moving in unison of the pleasure in her clit. She feels the tingling even down in her toes. She can’t stay still, the pleasure is too great. Then she gives a louder moan, her body shudders, and shudders again, and shudders again, as she has waves of orgasm.

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