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How does it feel after having sex for the first time?

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It happened two year ago, I made friendship with my cousin and she was really very exquisite and has great assets,soon I felt it to be changed into physical intimacy. I dialed her number and bravely said what I wanted to..She was silent for a while and then she agreed…She came home one night, every one was at home, she was sleeping with my sis in her room.She came home to have sex with me but how could it be possible? I mustered up all my courage and went to my sis’ room to take her to my room. I slowly entered the room and touched my hand on her head to wake her from sound slumber. She got frightened and she was about to scream but I put my hand on her lips to tell her, don’t worry, it’s me. I asked her to follow me and she did the same. Finally, we were in my room. Now where and how to start? I thanked her to come my home and then I said you’re really a brave girl. I gave her a silver bracelet saying it to be a token of my love for you. She readily hugged me and I started kissing her passionately. She was not ready to take her clothes off but when I started sucking her boobs, I don’t know what happened to her, she didn’t stop me doing anything. She herself took my shirt off but she was not want to see my face while having sex. So, I decided to blindfold her and play with her for atleast 4 hours. I took a cloth ,blindfolded her and laid her down on my bed. She was wearing a chudidar and I removed her chudidaar pant first, since I was really really desperate to see her bladder. I lifted her shirt up above her waist and got a good look at her underwear(she was wearing la senza branded red underwear). I began kissing her waist, sides of her stomach and deeply kissed her navel , it continued for 15 minutes. Afterwards, she began moaning while I was removing her underwear but I ignored her and removed it and kept her underwear in my pant pocket (which means she has to stay naked till I give her her underwear). Finally, I got exposure to a beautiful young girl's womanhood. At that moment, my heart was pounding like anything. I returned to her navel and deeply kissed it and occasionally looked at her bladder. After a while, I came down to her and kept staring at her bladder hole and thought to myself - so this is how girls pee through!! I decided to release all my lust stacked inside me. So I firmly held her legs (the moment I held her legs, she firmly held her pillow) and stretched them so wide that her bladder hole opened a bit. Then I kissed uncontrollably all over her down half starting with both her inner thighs, then her crotch and bladder, and she was continuously moaning. I kissed, licked, played and even hugged her bladder tightly. I explored her other parts too. I completely removed her shirt and licked her boobs. Then I turned her aside and stared(analysed) at her buttocks and anal hole. I really liked the fact that she couldn't see me but I could see every inch of her genitals. On one hand, I kissed her crotch and on other hand, I was squeezing her buttocks.This kind of foreplay continued for an one and half hour. After this, I thought it's high time I removed her virginity.I didn’t have condom, so I inserted my penis into her anus, she was moaning hardly but I was enjoying and continued thrusting my penis into her bladder and I wanted this moment never to be ended. She kept her hands on back of my shoulder and started squeezing, but I kept all my concentration on her bladder and I began sensing her bladder.I kept watching her facial expressions while I was thrusting her deep and they are priceless. It continued for an hour( yes you heard it right! I have a good stamina, I almost fucked her for 70- 80 minutes with two short gaps in between for her.) Then I decided to let her go and before that, I clicked photo of her underwear and her naked body excluding her face. Then I myself put on her underwear. Next entire day, she would turn her face down whenever she saw me.We did it many times after then.

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