After my son, I am mostly interested to have sex with strangers. It arouse me very high when any stranger was having sex with me.

After my marriage, I don't have kids for 2 years. At that time I had sex with few strangers that too very often I will commit with strangers. Then after 2 years, I gave birth to my son. After his birth also , I met with few strangers on bed.

When we have shifted to city, few of neighbour women became friends to me. We goes to walking on morning and evening. We have some bold talks also. In our gang me and another 2 ladies have high sexual urge. Even those 2 ladies has some extra marital affairs. Some times in between our talks , they casually asks me if I am interested then they will arrange one of their partner. I told as I will let them know and escapes from the situation.

But one fine day when my husband went to meet their parents, I decided to have sex with someone and asked my neighbours if they can help me. By afternoon, a man came to my home and he told my name and told one of my friend has sent him. We have never seen eachother and had few talks.

While talking he was looking at my boobs and body as well. He was looking to eat me. Then I went inside my bedroom and asked him to come. I invited him on bed and we removed our clothes. He was teasing me with his dick and playing with my boobs. I thought his dick was big and meanwhile he is inside me and started moving. As I guessed, his dick is huge in my pussy and caused little bit pain in pussy. He gave me huge rounds and had good time on bed. He stayed that night with me and had couple of rounds in night also.

Early morning he went and the lady asked how was the experience. I told it's still paining and he has huge dick. And I asked her who is he and she told it's secret and can't be enclosed with anyone. She didn't told me any details about him. But he gave me good pleasure on bed. And felt after long time I had sex with some unknown and felt happy.

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