I am a seventh grade math teacher in a small midwestern town. I’m a 40 year old male. I usuallly have about 18 students per class between the ages of 12 and 13.

One year I had a girl who I will call Sammy who became a very serious problem. Sammy immediately stood out to me because she seemed to be developing faster than other girls. Not simply in physical form - but she was more keenly aware of her sexuality.

She flaunted tighter clothes that revealed her body more; shorter shorts; shorter dresses, exposed midriff, etc. I had to get on her case on more than one occasion by the time the real trouble started. I had even sent her home to change clothes before. Sammy was a solid D average student from a low income family. I suspected that there was not a lot of parenting going on at home.

One day during lunch period, Sammy was in my class with a few other students. Everyone was quietly studying when I noticed Sammy. Her desk was at the very front of the class. I could see her body beneath her desk from my desk. She was wearing a pair of pink and black jockey shorts that were rather loose around the garment lines. Sammy was opening and closing her legs the way a child might pump their lags back and forth in a high chair. Nothing I figured was overtly sexual about it at first.

To my shock I saw that Sammy was not wearing underwear and her vagina was clearly exposed. I must have watched her legs open and close for several moments. I was observing to make sure I was correct before I brought the accusation to her. When I looked up at her face she was starin at me with her pencil in her mouth, smiling at me. She had caught me observing her vagina by looking up her shorts. I was mortified. Unsure of how to handle the situation I chose to ignore it and her entirely. Perhaps it was not the right answer. But I felt it was dangerous territory that could result in an accusation of inappropriate behavior on my part.

Sammy did similar stunts on two more occasions by wearing a similar shorts and a shorter dress. In the earlier part of the day I could see Sammy’s underwear. After returning from a personal trip to the restroom she had returned without them. She continued the same leg figitting which exposed her vagina.

After class, I reported the behavior to the school principle and held a meeting with the principle and the school psychiatrist.

We agreed that I would address the problem with her first, directly and see if we needed to escalate intervention.

I held her after class one day and asked her how everything was at home. She was sarcastic and dismissive. I asked her about how poorly she was doing in math and asked her if she felt she couldn’t do the work. She simply explained that it was “stupid” and she didn’t know why she should have to do it. Then she asked if I could just GIVE her a C. I told her she needed to work for it but I would help her.

Then I asked her about her clothing. Her entire demeanor changed. She went from acting like a spoiled child to the personality of a ravishing porn star on a dime. It was like watching someone with multiple personalities switch mid-sentence.

She asked me if I liked what I saw. I told her absolutely not. I told her that the principle had been informed and that if it happened again we would need to bring her parents to the principle’s office for a meeting.

Sammy suddenly leaned back in her chair and ran her hands down the front of her shorts. She said “I’ll let you fuck me if you give me a better grade.”

She began masturbating in front of me and started imitating an orgasm. I immediately leaped up and took her by the arm and marched her to the principle’s office.

Without her knowledge, I had placed a GoPro in the room and wore a recording device on my lapel. Sammy denied the incident and insisted Inwas sexually pursuing her. She made several claims to advances I put on her that were untrue.

I supplied the recordings to the school who subsequently supplied them for the parents and the Sherriff’s Department. I was briefly questioned by police butbthe situation was cut and dry.

After police investigated Sammy’s home it was discovered that she was in a sexual relationship with her mother’s boyfriend, perhaps with the mother’s consent.

Sammy was sent to life with a grandparent and her mother’s boyfriend was eventually given 10 years in prison and would be permanently labeled a sex offender.

I saw Sammy several years later, once she was over 18. She came to an open-house function with a sibling. We talked for a moment and she told me how good she was doing. She said she was entolling in college. Unfortunately, after a question or two I could see she was unfamiliar with the process and was likely making it up.

She handed me her phone number and told me she was now ”legal” if I wanted to “have some fun.”

No, I never called it. The poor girl seems she will always be afflicted with measuring her self worth according to the way men view her sexually. Very sad and it doesn’t bode well for having a happy life in the future.

If I could go back and do anything different I would have liked to beat the mother and the boyfriend to death in front of my entire class.

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