Yes I have, it wasn't in school it was at a private tutoring session she had set up for me to go to her house and catch up on some work.

She is quite a curvy woman which leads to most of the boys in her classes to have a crush on her

So when I arrive at her house it isn't particularly big as she lives by herself, I go up and knock on the door and she answers in her normal teaching clothes a short skirt with a buttoned up shirt and a blazer on top of the shirt. I'm In track suit pants and have a t-shirt with a hoodie on top of it.

So I go in we go to the kitchen and sit down at the table and we start doing work and about 30 minutes pass and she gets up and takes of her blazer leaving just her nearly bursting open shirt and her bra which isn't uncommon as she does it all the time at school about another 45 minute pass and she gets up and says “you get on with this work in going to change these clothes are very uncomfortable” me thinking nothing of it says ok and off she goes upstairs, 5 minutes later she walks down stairs wearing leggings and a crop top with no bra as you could see her nipples poking the fabric after that she sits down and I finish the work and go home

The next week I show up at her house and she is wearing another set of her teaching clothes so I walk in and we sit down and start to do work, after about 20 mins it starts to get really hot so she stands up and says you don't mind if I get changed do you and I say no but then she prosideds to take off her blazer, t-shirt and skirt right in front of me and I'm just staring in disbelief and she looks at me a nod says I thought you didn't mind and I say I dont, after that she asks if I wanted to go and work outside so I say yes and we go outside and sit at the table but after another 10 minute it is boiling hot so I ask if I can take of my t-shirt she says yes and asks if I want to borrow any shorts so I say yes so she go to ge me shorts and come back with the shorts and she had also changed into a bikini so I put the shorts on but they are shorter and tighter that my boxers but I wasn't complaining so I get o with my work as she sunbathes but when she is lieing on her front she un ties the stings on her bikini so she doesn't get tan lines but when I looked at her a got a big erection witch was impossible to hid in the shorts but luckily she didn't notice.

The next week we met up to go on a walk around a lake so I get to her house knock on the dood she answers in a sports bra and like sports short things so we get in the car and drive to the lake but when we parked up we realised there was a nice little beach to go swimming but the problem was nether of us had a swimming suite so she comes up with the plan to walk near the waters edge take of all her clothes and put them in her bag and then walk to neak deep water so I don't see anything and the she turns around and let's me strip off and get into the water so I do we swim around for about an hour and then get out so we can still walk around the lake so we get out put on our socks and shoes and start walking at this point we didn't realise we were both naked and after 5 minutes I realised but didn't say anything about 3/4 of the way round we came across some people who gave us funny looks that's when she released and started to apologise to me saying how sorry she was but I was fine with it so she said well we may aswell finish what we started so we walked back to the car naked go in and started to drive home when we got back we went inside had some food got changed and I went home

2 months later I turned 16 so she invited me round to her house so I show up there and theres a note on the door saying go around the back so I do then there's a note saying strip off and go up stairs so thinking nothing of it I strip and go up stairs and to her bedroom I open the door and am greeted to her lying on the bed with her legs spread with fu*k me spelled out on the wall and you don't need to ask me twice so we have sex I cum inside her and we chat for a bit and then clean up and I go home.

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