Couple of years back i was about 15, i had a friend Johnathan with same age. We use to play together, do cycling, go for swimming in the lake with his Dad. Once during the vacation days he invited me to stay at his place for a week, since it was a fun i took permission from my Mom and went to his place with some clothes. It was my third day, we planned to go for swimming and fishing at nearby lake, but at the last moment Johnathan left with his mother for some grocery, he asked me to go to the lake with his Dad Mr. David. Therefore i and his dad picked the fishing rods and other stuff and walked to the lake. As we were wslking Mr. David told me that he will go for skinny dipping which means nude swimming….he asked me also to try it. As we resched and settled the fishing stuff Mr. David took off his clothes, i could see his shaved dick hanging soft. As i saw it i felt sensation in me but i pretended as if ive not seen it. Mr. David asked me also to undress and join him, i was bit shy but i undressed. Mr. David looked at me with a big smile and even gave a tap on my butt and said you have a nice curvey ass. I remained quite and jumped in the water. Mr. David kept very close to me and he was grabbing me repeatedly just for fun. After some time as we came out of water i saw his dick was rock hard and the size was increased. He again tspped my ass and asked, have u ever been ass fucked? i replied with yes….and told him that ive been ass fucked in school by some elder boys, my chemistry teacher and a swimming pool attended….Mr. David was amazed with the number of times i was ass fucked. He grabbed my ass cheek tightly and once again said you have a besutiful ass.

He and i put on the shorts and stsrted fishing. After some time Johnathan also joined. We stayed at the lake until later afternoon and returned back home.

At night after supper i went to my room to sleep, i was tired so i selept fast, but i dont know what time it was, I heard voice of Mr. David, i woke up and tried to understand, since it was dark. As i turned i saw Mr. David standing, i quickly switched on the light, i was shocked Mr. David was standing nude in my room his dick was rock hard and he was holding it with one hand. Before i could say anything he came close to me and said, can you help me? Than looked at his dick and asked, Do you like it? I couldnt say a word. He came closer and waved his dick in front of my face…i was still, he with his hand pulled my head towards his cock and pushed his dick into my mouth. Slowly he fucked my mouth than he pushed me on the bed and pulled down my pajama. he than turned me face down on bed, opened my ass cheeks and licked my hole, i could feel his toung entering into my hole again and again, my ass became severly wet, he licked and entered his fingers into my hole. Than he came on top of me and with his leg opened my legs apart. He than pushed his dick into my hole…my be it was dry his dick was not entering so he once again licked my ass and made the hole extremely wet, this time i also raised my ass to give him more space to enter, this time his cock slided into my ass smoothly and he started pumping, he continued fucking me for and 10 minutes in same position and with deep thrust he unloaded in my ass but he kept lay down on me until his dick shrinked and came out it self. He stood up, said thsnks and left the room. I also shortly went into deep sleep. I stsyed at Johanathan place to three more days, got ass fucked every night by his dad. But i kept the secret…..since i also enjoyed….

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