Earlier I had sex with few people before marriage and even managed after marriage without knowing to my husband. However it was risky to manage a couple of people if my husband was in home.

We have shifted to another village but woman's feelings can't be controlled easily. Here to I have got relation with a stranger and he was dressed up like a poor person. Before sex , I have met him multiple times near by temple. After few meetings, I have impressed with his talking and with his behaviour also. It looks like he too have intrest on me and asked him to visit my home for lunch.

That next day, he came with his wife for lunch and introduced to my husband. After lunch we have talked for another 1 hour and they left.

One day, when my husband went to his sister's house, that day afternoon he came for a casual visit. And we have our own feelings but didn't exposed. And later he went. And in night when I am going to sleep, house door was knocked and I went to check who was it. And the same person it was and he came inside. I asked him why he came for and he told his intentions on me and I too opened up.

We both decided to have sex and intrested in each other. We went to my room and he was ready to fuck me. We are in nude and looking each other. We started having sex and had couple of rounds. After 2 hours we have another couple of rounds and I felt sleepy and slept without any dress.

When I woke, that person was not in the house and I was still in nude. I thought he is in bathroom or in kitchen. Then I looked my self and then the twist came. My golden chain, mangala sutra, rings are not on my body. I got dressed and searching in house and I found lockers was also opened and money was missed

Then I realised he was theif who acted as innocent and good person. Then I know where he stays and went to his home and he was there. I saw my ornaments there asked him to return them. He refused and I warned him of filing a case. Then he showed his mobile in that I am having sex with him. I got stunned and depressed. He blackmailed me, if I told to anyone that he has stolen her things then the photos and videos will be forwarded to my husband.

No other option and called my husband and informed as someone has stolen my ornaments. He told will put a case once he returns. After my husband arrived, we went to police station and filed a case. After few days , police also told not able to find and will update if they catch the theif.

On another day, same thief came to my house and acts like didn't know anything. My husband asked him , if he can able to catch . Thief told even I too don't know and told this is the first time I heard of stolen.

After that, the theif gave some money to my husband for our needful and told can be returned when we have. And my husband thanked him. They both became bestfriends and he dares to touch me secretly even my husband is in home.

And after long time, my husband went to marriage function. And he told , if I got any fear, call that stranger and ask for help. Fortunately, he came when my husband was leaving and my husband requested him to sleep here for tonight. As I will be scared and theif told that he will take care of me. My husband went then to marriage.

After half an hour, I was cleaning utensils in kitchen and theif came inside kitchen. He tried to hug me from backside and I tried to oppose. He is trying to blackmail by keeping the video. I requested him to delete the video but he told me to have sex for today. Then we can decide what to do.

No other way except to listen him and went to bedroom and had sex. And it is 3:00 PM. He is behaving like weird and fucking like an animal without mercy. We then rested for another hour and again started having sex. He was cumming inside me and on my body. Upto 8:00 PM we have very hard session and had multiple rounds.

Then he asked me to cook dinner and ordered to do without dress. Meanwhile he went outside to take wine from shop. At 9:30 he came , and we had dinner. After few minutes, door was knocked and felt shocked as I was in naked. But he told me to don't worry and told me to go inside. I went inside and then heard men voice. After few minutes, he told me to come out and I was in naked. When I came out , I was shell shocked to see the men and the two people were beggars at the temple.

I tried to go inside but the thief ordered me to come out and asked me to sit with them. Then I thought all are a gang who are trapping the ladies whoever are alone. Then again, I heard another sound knocking the door. Theif told me to open the door on naked and I got tense. By my luck it was a lady and she is theif's wife. She acted like normal and came inside by closing the door. We both went near to those 3 men and among them one beggar is trying to grab my ass. The theif's wife also then removed her clothes. She was grabbed by another beggar where the theif is enjoying by watching us. The two beggars started their wierd fantasy and I opposed but the thief was blackmailing and I have to support and keep calm.

Two beggars has taken thief's wife and fucking her very hardly. She is moaning louder and as the voice raises they are fucking her deeply. The thief has taken me and trying to insert his dick insidey ass. I don't have any option to oppose except to follow him.

At 12:30 AM, I heard the sound of knocking the door. I was wondering who will be at this time. And my husband will come by next day evening. The theif dressed up and went to open the door. There was 3 people, 2 men and a woman. I thought they were his friends and they are also beggars and the woman who came with them was the wife of village president. I had seen her earlier. And I can remember her face easily.

The new 2 people came near to me and lifted into their hands and placed me on floor. Meanwhile president's wife was taken by the thief. He undressed her and grabbing her boobs. Then I thought that they were having sex daily. Daily these beggars are grabbing village president wife who was one of the prestigious woman. But she was in the hands of beggars and theif. The five men are fucking all of us in various ways without any mercy. Even the president's wife was beaten up by those beggars on her boobs and ass. I have felt the pain of her and we don't have any other way except to get fuck with them.

I have got multiple rounds with all the people and I thought this was my last day in my life and they are fucking me at a time . They behaved like very cruelly. Except to take them into me I have no other option.

Upto morning 3'o clock, we three women were fucked by them in swapping way. They left me and went away. Even the theif has deleted the video. I was crying and decide to leave the village.

After 1 month we have shifted to another place and decided to not have any affairs. Then I have some peace and after 1 year I have 2 kids, a girl and a boy.

Now my life is happy as I have only one affair that is with my son. My husband doesn't knows this. We are having great time on bed.

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