Immediately after marriage my mother in law had sent a 17 years old girl with my wife to our house as a living maid. She's very active and do all household works perfectly. She used to bath my naked wife in bathroom. On sundays she will be applying shikakai to my naked wife's hair and I will be soaping my wife's naked body. When watching TV, I will place my head on my wife's laps, take out boobs and suck or fondle. Sitting on the floor, our maid will be watching TV and us. Sometimes when I'm showering nude in the bathroom, she will be washing clothes in opposite to me. She will be teasing my erected penis at low voice. My wife takes it easy.

I used to drink hot milk after dinner. It's maid's duty. But if fucking session happens, I will drink hot milk after fucking. Our maid knows it. If I'm normal, she will bring hot milk after dinner. If I'm kissing or hugging or fondling wife's boobs, she will understand that we have to do sex and pour hot milk in flask and keep it near bed. She might have spied us during fucking.

My wife used to feel thirsty during fucking. Maid will keep the water bottle nearby.

Oneday she had forgotten. During fucking session, water bottle was not found. My wife shouted to the maid to bring the water bottle. She ran to us. But after drinking water, she scolded the maid and ordered, BE HERE. It was golden time for me. Fucking my wife in front of maid is abnormally stimulating my penis erection.

My wife simply says, she used to see you and me nude, then, nothing to worry if she's seeing our fucking.

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