I went to a night club with some buddies. It was a pretty fun place in Louisville, KY in the down town area. There was the obligatory bachelorette party happening, and smelling blood in the water, we moved in hard and fast.

Among them was a woman I guessed to be at least in her 50s. She was an elegant woman, dressed in a little black dress. She was still a beautiful woman, and probably less than a decade ago, she was a bonified hottie. I was 25, and stricken by her. She stood out in the club. An adult among children.

I walked up to her and asked her what her name was. She looked at me for a minute and replied, “How old are you?”

“25” I replied.

“Come with me.” She said.

I followed her out of the club and across the street to a motel. We went to the office and said she needed a room. They had a room. She paid and we went in. She set her purse down and had me unzip her dress. She took her clothes off and and turned around. I immediately followed suit. Time had been kind to her body.

She crawled on the bed, lay back and I moved in on top of her. “Eat my pussy she said.” And I did. From there it was just sex. Easily two hours. Every time I thought I was through, she would coax a little more out of me. Finally, she got up, went to the bathroom, came out and got dressed. She said I could have the room for the night if I wanted it. I got dressed as well and we walked back to the club, with out saying anything. At the entrance, we showed our bracelets to go back in. She stopped, turned to me and kissed me hard. Then she said, “We need to go our separate ways now. You were great. It's my daughter's wedding tomorrow, and she'd be upset if she thought I was fucking around on her father.”

I never got her name.

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