It was kinda making me more horny. I was seen having sex by two different men in that particular night. The catch is both the time, I was with different partners. Though one of the partner was my own husband.

it was that time when my brother in law was staying at our place for a year as he was searching for a job and couldn’t afford a room. Me and my husband have an awesome sex life. I was married for one and a half year and didn’t have any children back then. It’s a long story coming.

One night we came back from a party and we both knew we were too horny. We came in the house and my brother in law was in the drawing room watching Netflix. So we couldn’t directly go to our room and fuck. It would have seemed very obvious. We waited for an hour so that he went in his room. As soon as he went to his room, we took off our clothes and started foreplay. In all of this heat, we forget to lock the door. After 15 mins of foreplay, i got into doggy position and gave a loud moan. At that same time, I heard some movements in kitchen area. But I was so high that I ignored that and enjoyed the fucking. After 5 mins, my husband spanked my ass and asked me to come on top. As soon as I took his penis completely inside, we saw our room door opened slightly. It was my brother in law standing at the door. Me and my husband both stopped. His penis was inside me and we were looking at each other what to do. My husband pinched my nipples and asked me to go ahead and start the fucking. This pinching nipples and the fact that someone is watching me getting fucked turned me on so much that I started jumping hungrily on his penis and had great orgasm in 5 mins. I breathlessly dropped on my husband. He whispered in my ears, get on your back. Let’s give my brother a good view to see. Ohhh god. I was horny again after listening it. I like a good girl got on my back. My husband positioned me in such a way that the fucking was visible from the door. He lifted my one leg and started fucking me. After 10 mins, he and I came at the same time. He cummed inside me and slept on the bed naked. I was catching my breath and giving my brother in law a good look of my fucked pussy. I saw a glimpse that he was masturbating as well while watching the show. When I tried to stand up, he ran from the door.

I cleaned up myself and went to the kitchen. He was standing near the shelf. I saw his penis was still erect in his shorts. I smiled and went to have water. He came closer to me and whispered that so this is how a horny women looks after being fucked and slightly felt my left ass cheek. I got current rolling in my body and wetness in my pussy again. I looking at his penis replied that who said I’m no more horny. Yes. This was a clear intention of having sex with him. He seemed to be bigger even inside his shorts.

he simply kissed me on lips and put his two fingers inside my pussy. I wasn’t lying. I was being wet. Upon noticing this, he took off my clothes hungrily and went down on my pussy. He sucked me for 10 mins till I had orgasm. I couldn’t even stand then and sat down on the floor. He bent me on the table. Spanked me really hard. He is a wild one. And put his whole penis inside me in one shot. I moaned even louder. It was pure please. My pussy felt so much filled. He was actually bigger than my husband. He stared fucking me hungrily and I was moaning to the utmost and then I saw my husband coming out from the room. He saw both of us naked. Upon seeing this, his younger brother didn’t even stop for a second and spanked my ass once and started thrusting even harder. I started moaning even louder and my orgasm began to build. My husband was watching the whole show now. In less than 5 mins, I orgasmed on his penis. And he too cummed inside me. He fell on me keeping his thing inside me and kissed my whole back. After 2 mins, he took out his thing. And went to his room.

I stood up and his cum was dripping on my thighs. My husband was standing there with his penis erect. I started walking towards my room. He grabbed me and kissed me on lips and said I have been promoted to the level of a family slut now. This made me happy and satisfied. I always had a feeling of being used as a sex toy.

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