Yes, I did sleep with my teacher in 10th grade. She used to teach us computer. She must have been in her late 20s and I was 16 year old at that time.She was flexible in talking to her students about their career goals and other such things.

She was really impressed with good students in class and I was one of them so she would think of me as an innocent and sincere student.

She was fair in complexion and not very tall.She has more of a milf body than of a beautiful girl but all the boys in the glass were crazy for her juicy tits and ass. Her lectures were in the afternoon and it was hot at that time of the day her armpits were sweaty and sometimes her face was sweating as well,which made her look even hotter.Her cleavage was quite visible to us which became one of the reasons for our boners. Most of the boys would not listen to her lectures and only ogle at her.

There were rumours that she has infamously had s*x with a man from her previous school staff.And all of mu classmates including me believed it.

One day, She took us to computer lab and was looking hotter and desirable than she usually did.She dropped a pencil and was picking it up and we were ogling at her delicate tits with a desire to sqeeze them.We could also see her hot legs when she would be sitting around us .

I used to fantasize about her and would often jack off thinking about her face and assets and imagining her in my bed. She was the hottest teacher I ever came across.

Once in the computer lab, I called her to me because i was having trouble with one of my computer programs. She came and put her hand on my hand which was kept on mouse and i could smell her and arms were hot and I could see her b**bs and I was staring at them and thankfully she did’nt notice it . Then I wrote on the computer that was attracted to her and i’m in love with her. And i also showed the desire to sleep with her. And then she came and read it . She looked very angry with me but then she deleted it and took me out of the class in an empty classroom nearby and shouted at me. I apologised to her but then she asked me that have i ever had sex before to which I replied NO. Then she said yes,i’ll sleep with you, give me your mobile number i’ll make call you tonight at 8 make sure you have the phone with you.

I could not believe what had just happened to me .I went home with ecstacy amd was waiting for 8 o’clock and there it was my phone rang and i was it was her she said come to my home i live alone and don’t tell anyone about this. Then she messaged me her address.

I went to her house and made an excuse to my parents that I’m going to my friend’s birthday party.I reached her house she let me in and I sat on her couch. She was blushing and looked quite excited. She asked me “Are you ready to do it ?”I said Yes and i got up to kiss her and I kissed her neck andsmooched her lips she grabbed me into her. Her name was Preeti. She took off my shirt and started licking and kissing my body i took off her blouse and bra and there was my dream in front of me i started to kiss her boobs and sqeezed them . I kissed her hot legs.There was no single part of her body that i didnt grab and smooched we proceeded to bed and both of us were completely nude. She bought condoms fir it and gave me to wear one. I wore it and she spread her legs. I was nervous.I started to pemetrate my cock into her wet and warm pussy amd humped her with all in got. She was moaning heavily evening shreiking loudly ay around 10 at night I fucked her like it was the best thing to do in the world.we both were moaning and sweating heavily .The bed was making noises as if it is about to break.We were looking at each other and gasping heavily and smooching,I was crushing her whole body with my hard dick. We both had grabbed each other in out arms and it was missionary that we were doing after around fifteen minutes i was about to cum and then i poured my hot cum in her pussy and mouth. Then we did around 10 rounds in the entire night. My phone kept ringing from home but i did’nt pick it up and messaged my parents that i’ll come next morning. I was busy fucking this piece of cake i was sharing bed with . In the morning we both were exhausted and were naked in the same bed in each other’s arms.

Next morning i gave her a kiss and fucked her once more i licked her exhausted pussy and ass it felt like we both were still undone even afyer cumming multiple times.It was the best sex I ever had.

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