Well there's someone who is honest. So first of all it's a very good step that you started to feel to become a hot wife. And assuming you wanted to be only hot for your husband I may suggest you the below points

-Try to find what attracts your husband. It maybe your vulpurous body or your way you smile or dress. My point is observe how he reacts to your sexiness. That's where you fine his point of weakness or We can call that as hot spots , so you can use it as and when it's required.

-Most men find their women as hot, not only on bed but also the way they talk to them. You can melt a man without even touching him a bit.

-Finally, the way you support him when he's down does also makes you hot. Believe it or not, men does fell head over heels for the person who both loves and supports them on bed and on his life too.

Good luck to you hot wifee ;)

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