Sex definitely does not have to be routine vanilla kind for a lifetime. So kudos for being willing to try new things. Anal sex is no more a taboo sexual act to be hush-hushed upon. Now, more and more couples are willing to try and trust me, if done correctly, it can be exhilarating.

The anus, rectum, and butt have got numerous nerve endings in and around them. These nerve endings when they get stimulated during anal sex can make it really feel good. New pleasures are discovered for both men and women. You can also encourage your boyfriend to try anal play, although this will be tough because straight men tend to get seriously intimidated by it. The taboo around anal sex can act as an aphrodisiac. The thrill you’ll get by trying something “naughty” can be such a turn-on.

Bathing before trying anal sex is a good way to begin it. Try massaging the butt cheeks and the area around the anus with forefingers and use lots and lots of lube as you penetrate slowly. Make sure you are sufficiently relaxed when he is trying to enter you from the back. If you are tensed due to anxiety it can further constrict tight anal muscles making it further difficult and painful to attempt anal sex.

You can also use a super-slim butt plug, or his fingers in case you don’t wish to go for penile penetration at first and start small. Being on top or doggy style gives maximum control to women during anal sex. Go for gentle thrusts and communicate at all times as to how far and how much is comfortable. Anal sex can get messier but not more than vaginal penetration. Always keep baby wipes at arm’s length for situations like that.

Hygiene during sex cannot be missed at any point. So avoid instant shift of penetration from anal to vaginal. If the penis has been inside your butt, it needs to be washed before moving into your vagina. Bacterias are nobody’s friends and you know it!

Going slow and communicating is the key. If you are not sure of your partner’s sexual health status and of yours, use condoms even for anal sex to avoid STDs. Lube, wipes are your saviours here. Know you can stop at any point if it gets uncomfortable or too painful. You always have the right to change your mind. Have fun! Life is all about variety.

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