I have a childhood fantasy of doing it with my uncle

Puberty hit me really hard when I was 14. Initially I used to ignore my urges but as my hormones kicked in, my desire grew stronger.

Just to give you a bit on my background, I used to live in a joint family with my grandparents, uncle, aunt and my parents. Our home was a duplex and my parents and grandparents lived in the ground floor. I had a small bedroom on the first floor while my uncle occupied the master bedroom which was right next to my room. My uncle was 8 years younger to my dad and it had been around around 6 years since he had been married. But boy he had a very strong sexual appetite.

Every night I used to wait for everyone to go to bed and then right around 11 PM, I could start hearing the beds creaking from the next room. They used to start slow and then after a few minutes I could hear my aunt's moans. Every night the sounds used to drive me crazy. So I developed the habit of touching myself while they made out. It used to be the best part of the day for me. Over time my courage grew and I used to creep over to their door to hear them better. I used to finger myself right in front of their door. I used to imagine my uncle banging me hard instead of my aunt. And every night I used to make sure I had an orgasm before I left. My desire for my uncle kept growing with every passing day.

One day my uncle and aunt returned late night after a party. As usual I could hear them fucking after they entered their room. I waited for 5 minutes and then I started creeping towards their door. But the moment I reached, I realized to my horror that the door was slightly open. Through the gap I could see my uncle humping my aunt in doggy style. I simply froze there. My uncle was relentless and kept going like a machine. With the door open, I could clearly hear his balls slapping on my aunts ass. I immediately took of my panties and started fingering right there. That night they went on for 45 minutes straight and I had three massive orgasms watching my uncle's 7 inches rip apart my aunt.

That was the first and last time I watched my uncle live. But since that day, I started lusting after him. I never tried to approach him due to fear. But even now on lonely nights I fantasise about him.

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