I'm a paramedic and I work in a paramedic intercept unit which means I respond to calls where there is an ambulance but no paramedic to help them out. The service I work for allows people to volunteer and ride along with us to help out, drive the unit to the hospital etc. I was in my mid 20′s at the time and one of the women that volunteered with us was in her late 40’s. She liked me a lot and would mostly schedule her volunteer shifts to coincide with my shifts. One day we were having a slow night and we were parked in a dark parking lot away from everyone. Which is what I liked because it eliminated people walking up to the truck and asking for handouts or directions or whatever. So there we were talking when she started telling me how handsome she thought I was and what a great catch I would make for her daughter who was about the same age as me. She started complimenting my body talking about what great shape I was in and how attractive my body must be to other women. At that point she reached over and started to run her hand over my chest then down my stomach to my groin. Which startled me but she was a very attractive woman and I wanted to see where she was going with all this. Next thing I know she is fishing my cock out of my pants and giving me head. She told me to cum in her mouth which I did and she swallowed every drop. That became a regular thing every time we worked together she would suck my cock and every now and then she would let me finger her but she was really more into sucking my cock. The strange thing is she kept pushing me to date her daughter, she even introduced us and we went out a few times. The whole time I was dating her daughter Mom kept insisting on sucking my cock at work. Her daughter does not have the head game that her mother does. The only time I ever fucked the mother was when I was invited to a summer BBQ at their house, I was dating her daughter at the time and her mom asked me to help her in the kitchen. She took me into the house, dragged me into the basement and started sucking my cock, then pulled up her short skirt and begged me to fuck her. Which I did bending her over a freezer in the basement. We didn’t use a condom and she begged me to cum inside her. I ended up breaking it off with the daughter because the whole situation got too weird but I kept getting head from the Mom a couple of times a week until I went to work for another service.

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