Im a wife of 6 years, 25, 3 kids under age 5, and my hubby is 33.

Anal sex was new to me at age 19 but after 5 years with my husband, I might be able to answer this question.

Most I can tell, anal sex is popular amongst masochist women. We gossip at the beauty shop and i listen and enjoy, and most women who like it, enjoy rough sex, humiliation, kinky ways.

Just like me.

This advice might not be good for non-masochist women.

My husband enjoys sharing me with other men, only there are rules.

Only he picks the men, and only he can see them, and only anal sex from them.

Im usually tied up, blinded by cloth, on my knees, and I never hear them speak.

We have done this several times a year, and a few times while I was pregnant. We call them “The Stranger.”

I am extremely emotional during anal sex, I cry during, and have even vomited from the over-stimulation. Its rough on a wifes senses, and I enjoy that.

When you first go in, you hit a barrier. Many Strangers, work to get passed this and some dont. Its not really intense unless you get passed that barrier.

Some of the Strangers penises are to short, or their inexperience thinks they are in there but not really.

For more experienced men, I can tell, they push through, and its here my tears begin with my moaning and even slobbering, when I actually can breath. I cant help it.

I can only judge by my husbands size how things feel because I never see the Strangers or feel their cock with my hands or mouth. Hubby is brutal and punishes me to emotional exhaustion with all 7–7.5 inches. He knows the barrier well and tortures me to beg for the pain.

I can tell that men with longer penises have used me because they get so deep it hurts my stomach (thats what it feels like) and I really enjoy this. It brings out my desires and painful pleasure so much more and flushes me with rushes of fear. Its here that makes me slobber, and sweat all over.

Please cum inside really deep. Please reward me for using me. That is how I feel.

Some men break the barrier go all the way in slow, and slowly pull all they way out. This actually helps me with some relief and will create more pleasurable stimulation with less pain, and they slide back in and its less painful and less of a barrier. Some men do this, some have no clue, some no mercy.

My husband will not pull out of the barrier the first ten minutes. This gives me intense pain and I love/hate it. Judging by my wetness dangling down my shaking legs, my vagina loves this pain.

Husband then goes all the way out and all the way in and this devistates me emotionally and I just cry and love it.

I have tried to explain to him how this makes me feel-all in/out after warmed up, and it is such a unique emotional rush of feelings, its difficult.

My best description so far for the emotions during all in/all out is feminine bliss. (Thats a big deal to this Tomboy)

It is when I feel the most feminine. The most married. The most like a woman (I know its wrong, but as a teen Tomboy, I truly believed sex was better for more feminine women. (Stupid envy from my teen years). It feels right. I feel completely slutty used as a woman with anal. I feel im being put in my place and happy to know it is my place. (Like I believed happened to feminine women.)

Told you it was a weird feeling. It makes me feel the way I always thought pretty, feminine women felt.

Maybe it gives me an estrogen rush…i dont know. It’s truly the only time I feel so vulnerable, I feel so feminine like the blonde cheerleaders I was so jealous of as a teen.

I just know I kind of pass-out for a few hours, afterwards before he uncuffs me. I love that-near coma sleep.

Torture me by never touching my clit and dont let me touch it. (Daddy’s rule. Im not allowed to masturbate directly with my clitoris…EVER! This has actually helped. It has become more sensitive so anal sex stimulates her.)

His logic, “you will cum when your big Texas ass gets enough punishment.”

Sadly, his logic has been correct many times.

Another bit of advice, if your Daddy wants to give you anal sex the next morning, DO IT! It is so much more painful and intense when your sore back there, that you will need to call off work that day. (My brain felt like I had taken muscle relaxers, and in a walking coma.) It was wonderful.

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