I had this with my friend’s wife during her pregnancy time.

Both were my close friends.. they had love marriage and so their families rejected them.. they stayed at a house near to mine. He got job in a oil rig in dubai and had to leave while she was 4 months pregnant.. (in fact they were not keen on having baby then..) Both were my best friends and i took maximum care i could.. even cooked food for her and helped her in household activities..

I used to stay at their home in case she had and emergency. I took care of her like a brother.. he trusted me well and I too was loyal to both..

One day she had some issues with ni**le pain and she didnt trusted her current gynec. She wanted to consult a new gynec. i too accompanied her. She introduced me as husband her. I scolded her, you should have told as brother.

She said : then they wont tell anything and ask about family which i dont have.

So i too agreed.. 3 weeks later she told me that she has issues with inverted ni**les and need to consult doctor. i didnt had an idea of what it was actually..

While consulting, doc told, both her ni**les are inverted and baby would really find it difficult to feed.. She was very worried.. doctor advised some massage tips to erect and some equipment too. Doctor made her lay on the table, opened her dress and showed how to massage ni**les.. i was very shy, i was looking downward..

Doctor told: what kind of husband you are? its your negligence.. she teased me.. you should be more sweet and press and li*k her breast.. even you should have s*x with her.. there is no wring in doing it in pregnancy.. its good for her health and easy labor.

I was really embarassed.. i was about to tell that i am not her husband.. but she stopped.. even doctor made me do ma88age on her b**bs which i did reluctantly.

Doctor then said: next time when you meet me, you should have s*x and l*ck her everyday to make her ni**le erect or no need to come here.. i was sweating a lot.. she looked ok…

While returning home, I told her i will call her husband to take leave and come back as he is needed here.. i cant handle anymore.. she refused..

She told : you know he is a nerdy type.. he wont satisfy me anymore.. in fact i got pregnant just because i forced him a lot.. (i know that he was a geek kind of guy not interested in any extra pleasures)

She told me to do the exercise doctor told.. i refused.. i told, you are my sister.. i cant do that.. for the next 2 to 3 days she was very worried..

she told me that she will abort if her baby cant drink her milk.. there is no point in being a mother if she cant feed.. she said only i can help her in it if I agree to to do it.. even though i purchased some ni**le pulling equipments which doc suggested, she told its not working..

So with much embarrassment i agreed to li8k her ni**les.. I still remember that day.. i told her to sit in chair, but she refused and needed in bed.. she stripped fully and was in panties.. i tried to cover her with towel.. but she threw that.

i started licking very slowly… but she caught hold of my hair and forced me to do stronger.. i opposed.. but she told its needed.. within 15 minutes, i was also turned on, i licked her so nicely and she started ri**ing my d**k.. she forced me to strip and f**k her too.. it was the first time i was f**king a pregnant lady..

we continued this almost till the last month of her pregnancy until she could hold.. she got the ni**le erection and had a normal delivery. Doctor was should to see her real husband at the time of delivery but she never revealed it to him..

Pregnant s*x is still the most cherishing act in my life.

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