I love it when people look and complement my body, men in particular. Something about thinking that a man is looking at my body and wants to fuck me really turns me on. I have a pretty big ass and on this day I wanted to put it on display.

I was driving home from a flight and was exceptionally horny. I had been with family for 3 weeks without my boyfriend so there was no time to play with myself and no one to fuck! As I was driving home I just kept thinking how hot it would be to be bent over on the side of the road letting people get a good look at my big ass. I was wearing leggings at the time so I pulled over, looked for some shorts in my luggage and changed. I parked on the side of the road by a field in my booty shorts in the middle of the day and just kept climbing into my trunk and bending over any time a car would drive by. Some people would honk or yell, it was so hot giving people a little show on their drive home. I was so horny I was hoping someone would pull over and ask if I needed any help so I could have them suck on my tits since I was wearing this little see through white shirt with a lot of cleavage, but no one pulled over unfortunately.

I had never done anything like that before and my pussy was soaking wet after. No nudity or anything but my intentions were very slutty in my opinion lol. I loved every minute of it, just wish there would have been more cars.

On top of that I drove with my tits out basically the entire car ride just playing with my nipples cause I was so horny.

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