I work from home as an Executive Nurse for a major corporation. With this job I can set my own hours, within reason. My husband took a transfer to another state 5 years ago and we bought a great home in a semi-secluded area.

I routinely send/receive FedEx packages for work. The first day of working in our new home the FedEx guy arrived around 10am. He was extremely well built, young and handsome. We chatted about the home, where I was from, the job and such for a few minutes before he left. It wasn’t a big deal to me, except I couldn’t get over how good looking and well built he was. I looked forward to seeing him daily as he was very prompt about arriving the same time daily.

About a month later he was late one day. By 11am he had not arrived. I checked my tracker and saw that I had two items coming and I needed to send one. He still had not arrived by noon and I decided to take an extended lunch by the pool. I decided it would be another nude sunbathing session. I was loving the ability to do this without worrying about neighbors able to see me.

I had just gotten in the pool to cool off and was coming up the steps in the shallow end when I saw the FedEx guy. He was a bit shocked and began apologizing for coming around back. He needed my signature and I did not answer the doorbell. I told him not to worry, I decided to sunbathe when he hadn’t arrived by noon. I didn’t bother to cover up because his eyes were up and down my body…and I was enjoying a younger guy checking me out.

I could tell he was uncomfortable, but I kept him around with small talk. I knew in my head that I wanted him to fuck me right where we were. I made the first move and got exactly what I wanted. My 40+ self was getting fucked by a mid-twenties sexy guy.

This is now a regular thing for us. In fact, when my husband travels my FedEx guy will come spend the night with me when he is done working. We have had a blistering hot 4 year affair to this point. He has a fiancee now and I am still married. We are plotting a way to have sex the night before his wedding. Yes, me and hubby are invited.

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