This would happen when I was in my mid to late teens, maybe 5 times in total, and it was a secret mutual thing, and it didn’t happen every time . I was okay looking as a teen, I was kind of quiet and soft spoken, and polite. I used to get my hair cut at a bargain hair cutter establishment, it had about 6 chairs, usually a different woman would cut my hair each time, women varying in ages, but sometimes the same woman.

I’d be instructed to take a seat in the chair, and I’d sit down and immediately grip the end of the chairs arms with my fingers in kind of in a fist formation around the front of each arm which was maybe about 2 inches wide, and it was very obvious that I had my hands there because she would be looking down at me and the chair when she put the apron on me and then draped it over my hands because the apron never naturally went over, when it happened she’d adjust the height to have the arms of the chair at just slightly below crotch level, which she’d do after she put the apron on, so 100% she knew where my hands were, anyways, as she’d come around to the front of me to cut my sides, bangs, etc., she’d casually push herself into the end of the arm of the chair, hold it there, move around, release, maybe push again, she’d probably do this about 5 or 6 times throughout the haircut, each side, the way my hands were, there’d be absolutely no mistaking that they were there, and fists are obviously shaped different than the the small smooth blunt end of a chairs arm, she’d make nice small talk during the whole haircut, give me smiles after each time during the haircut, and depending on who it was, she may give me a little pat on the arm after the apron was taken off, and my hands would still be in the same place. The hairdressers always had the big baggy aprons on, so unless someone was watching closely it was hard to tell what was happening if you weren’t involved.

Other hairdressers would just cut normally and not do any of this, and avoid pushing into the end of the arm. They’d know that I was gripping the arm of the chair that way, and it’s a normal way to have your hands on this kind of chair and the length of the arms of the chair, so it doesn’t come off as anything but that.

So that’s my naughty thing I let someone do to me, I’m sure they got more out of the experience than I did, highlights of my teen years :)

Before anyone makes some negative comment about me being at fault, a creep, etc., it was totally mutual and consensual, I was a teen in the middle of puberty, I made it as clear as possible, which is all the truth, the way it happened, the action, and everything, there’s no possible way the different women it happened with, or didn’t happen with didn’t know my hands were always there. You could even tell with the apron the way it draped down my arms.

This would have been mid 1980’s.

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