Pretty much if it had not happened I wouldn't believe it myself. I'm going anonymous because my wife and I reconciled and I don't want her to know.

We had gone through a very rough patch, arguing fighting, that kind of thing. It ended up settling down to her essentially telling me I was better off staying on the road and not coming home. So I left with no intention of coming back. I had been staying at a hotel 500 miles from home for about a month, I had found a walking path near me that was a perfect way to get out of the hotel and get some exercise. That's what I was doing when I heard some noises coming from the side of the path. There was some laughter, and then the unmistakable sound of flesh against flesh. I'm not going to lie I was curious so I stepped off the path and peeked through the opening in the trees and saw a thirtysomething woman on her knees, two guys going at it with her and another woman who was just a few feet away watching the whole thing. I must have stepped wrong and snapped a twig because the second woman turned to see me there. She looked at me for a second or three and then asked if I wanted to join. I was a little speechless, so she turned back to the threesome and called out, “Hey Mary, I might have that third guy.” Everyone stopped the woman on her knees got up she had a bit of drool on her lips from where she had been giving a sloppy blowjob, she was good looking, very fit, shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, shaved pussy and easily D cup breasts. She walked over to me sized me up, reached her hand in my shorts and grabbed my dick. “Oh yeah,” she said with a grin, “he'll work.”

I started to say I wasn't interested but she just kept stroking me until I was rock hard. I had never been in anything like this and I had not had sex in almost six months, so I was trying real hard to come up with a reason not to. She asked if I had done anything like this before, I said no, she told me that was fine, the other two would do the most work she just wanted that extra cock in her mouth.

What the fuck, I figured, I stripped down, one of the guys, probably mid forties with dark graying hair, laid on the ground so that the woman could mount him, I'm watching this and suddenly feel a warm mouth on my cock, I look down to see the first woman slowly slurping me down her throat. After a few minutes she stops and tells me to go, the second guy has pushed into the thirtysomethings ass and she has her eyes closed, I walk over and put the tip of my cock to her lips and she takes me. Once all three of us had filled her holes she really started to moan, looked over my shoulder real quick to see the first woman with her hand in her shorts, I motion her over and she looks at the first woman who smiles around my stiff penis. The second woman walks to me and I pull her shorts down, start kissing her, and then fingering her. She moans, the first woman moans, it's fucking incredible. I tell the second woman to remove her shirt and she does, I start sucking on her tits while fingering her. This sends her over the edge and I feel her orgasm around my fingers and her juice splash on my hand. I look up and see the guy in her ass just fucking the shot out of her, the whole thing starts getting me close, ass guy grunts loud and I can tell he is cumming, I quickly feel myself go over the edge and thirtysomething buries me in her throat as I dump my load and then pussy guy gives a loud groan as he dumps his load. My hand is still at second girls pussy and she moans again as a second orgasm hits her.

And then that was it, everybody dressed, and went their separate ways.

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