You should be even more excited about the fact that she married you with all the options she has. She is clearly taking care of herself and desirable to other men so never take her for granted. Love her the way you want to be loved. Cherish her as you promised in your vows. Continue to “date” your wife to keep the flames burning hot. Never take her for granted. If she is a romantic, give her the fairy tale. (Hint: The fairytale is not about money)

Seduce her!!! Keep the love alive. Women have a very passionate, nurturing side. We are a very complex thing. We want you to be dominant but treat us with kindness and respect us as an equal. Show us you are loyal and tell us once in awhile that you still admire the qualities that made you choose us as the one to spend your life with. If you love us and spend time with us we will love you in ways you did not know existed.

Want more sex? Don't forget to take care of yourself. Remain attractive. Take pride in what you have to offer us. Care for it so we may find it irrisistable. Making a woman feel sexy will open Pandora's box for you. Her box too. Sorry ladies! Just remember to get your own snack before you start the ritual so she can enjoy the experience before, during and after without having to get up. If she falls asleep in her birthday suit, it creates additional opportunities through the night and the morning.

I know this went to a complete different level, but the simple truth is “your wife is obviously hot” so enjoy it and keep her interested it's the spice of life you have to offer.

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