Obviously, I’m answering as Anonymous…I wouldn’t want anyone to find out because it was totally out of character.

I used to date a woman and the relationship was pretty much over. We had both agreed, but had spent the night together “one last time.” In the morning, we had sex and I was heading out to try and figure out what went wrong. Let me say that the sex was mediocre on a good day and it hadn’t been a good day. I was feeling out of sorts and called a friend, who had been a friend with benefits in the past. I went over to her place (this was mid-morning by now) and we chatted and eventually we ended up having sex, too. With her, the sex was always good. Later that afternoon, out of the blue, an old girlfriend called and wanted to just chat and catch up. Since my evenings were now free, I agreed and we went out. It seemed that the catching up she wanted to do was in bed and we eventually ended up there. Now, let me say that I’m an average looking, very monogamous guy and being with two different women in the same day would have been totally out of character. Three was very weird for me and left me feeling awkward, at best. I eventually told the friend (middle lady) what happened, because I felt guilty about it and she told me that it was ok. That I was obviously hurting from the relationship ending and that it didn’t mean that I was immoral or anything, just that I was hurting and physical comfort was helping me heal. Although we don’t share the same ‘benefits’ any more, she is still a dear friend and I value her insight and her company.

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