Typically I don’t answer anon, but to protect the names of all of those involved…..

We are middle age plus a wee bit, and hang out with another couple pretty much every Friday evening.

The four of us have a history of flirting, drinking, flashing, groping and occasionally licking various body parts. It have never gone any further than that…..

This one particular night we go to one of the local pubs for some grub and a few drinks. Normally our group partakes in wine, but this occasion it was mixed drinks, with double shots. After a couple of rounds, we decide to head to our house, which is also pretty normal.

Since we are drinking spirits, we decide to continue with that venue. I believe the ladies had rum & coke, and the guys some straight spirits over ice. We got the ideal to play a board game, ladies against the guys. His wife sat by me and my wife (D) sat by him. We will call her “C” and him “R”. The first hand the ladies handed us our asses, so we start another hand.

At this point everyone has had plenty to drink, and “C” decides she is going to distract me by sticking her tongue down my throat. Although we’ve lick each other’s various body parts, that was a first. Immediately I got a raging hard-on. A few minutes later, she grabs me and deep throats her tongue again. She sits back down and grabs my rock hard knob and says “Well I think I have him distracted”.

At this point we are all well lubed, and after talking to “R” post event, still can’t piece every thing together…..I digress…. After losing another hand, “R” and I are looking like we might win a hand, so “C” decides more distractions are in order. “C” stands up. lifts her blouse, pulls her bra down exposing her boobs and rock hard nipples. “R” suggests I motor boat her, and not to be out done, “D” pulls out her double D’s and “R” starts to motor boat her boobs. Motor boating is all fine and dandy, but sucking hard nipples is much better, so I immediately start sucking “C”’s nipples.

Here is where it gets fuzzy. “R” told me that “D” and I put the game away and “C” and him went into the living room. I remember my pants coming off, “R” pants coming off and “C” goes down on me with a fury, and “D” starts in on “R”. Both of the ladies clothes come off and I look over at “D” and give her the nod. She mounts “R” facing him and start riding him. “C” sees this, stands up, pulling me off the sofa and bends over exposing her pussy. I try to insert my hard-on into her, but she is dry, so I go down and start licking her pussy. I’m not sure why, but I grab her hand and lead her towards the bedroom.

She lays down on her back and I start tonguing her now wet pussy. While going down on her, she starts talking about “R” and how she is sad because of this & that, and the other. Total buzz killer….I try to mount her, but at this point willie has lost most of his luster, due to the convo about “R”. A few minutes later “D” & “R” show up and the convo continues until no one is in the mood.

They get dressed and go home. “D” and I end up back in the bedroom and she tells me “R” had too much to drink and got soft after 2 minutes, and there was no reviving it. I told her I didn’t fuck “C” at all, because of the mood killing convo. Not too worry, we were both worked up and fucked like rabbits for the next 20 minutes.

We had a couples date planned that next Sunday, slightly worried about awkwardness, but everything was fine & dandy.

Just this past Friday we went out again had some local wine, came back home, played the same game, boobs came out but additional action was lacking…….perhaps wine vs spirits??

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