Well, this is not an entirely clear answer. I had a best friend, now deceased, who was a well known pilot in the Air Force, one of only a few black Brigadier Generals in the service. He and I had been extremely close friends for a very long time. My wife was very fond of him as well and wasted no opportunity to get close to him, which he openly encouraged and I did not discourage.

If a reader has followed my Quora posts, he will know that my wife and I are actively involved in the swinger/sex lifestyle. My wife is a partner with a manufacturer of personal and party clothing, definitely adult rated. As part of her work, she manages fashion shows introducing these products to the marketplace. As a personal activity we work together in this. We attend a weekly swinging/sex party and, twice a month we do a fashion show at the club meetings. The things we show are more x-rated than just adult. My wife models at least two outfits at each show, generally the first and last items. Sometimes we hold auctions for charity and sell the outfits being shown. This is very popular as we let the winner collect the outfit directly off the model, with limited kissing, sucking and groping rights included. We have eight lovely models who work the shows with us.

We were scheduled to do a show on a Saturday night. My friend was aware of the shows but not their exact nature, he had never been to one. On the Tuesday before the show, he asked me if he could come with me. I told him, of course, as our guest. When I got home, I told my wife about this and she was delighted. On Thursday night she told me she wanted to enjoy a MMF with me and my friend after the Saturday show, that she had wanted to have him for a long time and felt he wanted her as well. I agreed but suggested she might want to go with him by himself as he was a very private person. She said she would consider that but would really rather have me there even if I was not involved. I asked her how she was going to get away with him, at the end of the show, with the auction and all, that she might be obligated to entertain the winner of her outfit. She answered “no problem I am going to rig the auction so he wins my outfit, and later me, if that is good with you.” I told her I was fine with it and would be glad to help. She said I should be sure to get him there and be ready to, at least, watch.

Saturday night arrived and I helped my wife get the outfits organized and the other girls in place. Then I went to pick up my friend. He was nervous but ready to go. He asked me if my wife would be in the line-up that night. I told him she would. He asked me if that was going to be awkward or weird. I told him not to worry about it, that she was looking forward to seeing him. We headed out, I smiled as I thought of my friend, the man who commanded the mission to rescue the hostages in Iran, being nervous about seeing a bit more of my wife than he had before. We arrived at the party and went inside.

As entered, I introduced him around and we went to the bar for a drink.

My wife was in the dressing room getting herself and the other girls ready for the show. I showed my friend around the enormous private home where the parties were held and introduced him to the host and hostess, who received him warmly. About then, the DJ announced the show starting, warned the guests that there was no contact with the models unless they indicated they wanted it and that they should clear a pathway so the girls could dance their way across the floor through the audience.

The music started and my wife stepped through the curtain. She was stunning in a bright red spandex dress with cut-outs for her breasts and a large one that exposed her pussy and ass. She is a great dancer and made her way through the crowd gracefully with a little audience participation which was appreciated. When she reached my friend and I, she stopped in front of us. Everyone there knew she was my wife and that my friend was our guest so, no-one was surprised. She gave me a serious kiss and put my hand on her pussy and rubbed against it. Then it was our friend’s turn. She kissed him as well and pulled his face down to suck her nipples, as she gyrated against him. She put one of his hands on her ass and one on her pussy and pushed against him until he had two fingers inside of her. He was loving this and the crowd was into the show.

She retreated into the dressing room with a smile on her face and our friend beamed.

The show went on as planned and the outfits were auctioned off the girls as planned. Our charity for homeless Veterans did well that night. As planned, my wife was last. Her outfit was very sexy, it consisted of a couple of black leather straps wound loosely around her body, with no effort to hide anything. She was totally exposed and beautiful. I was so proud of her. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have such a creature for my wife. She moved through the guests and took her place at the center of the dance floor. She announced a change of plans, that there was a sealed bid for her outfit that would be the winner if no bid exceeded it. She also said that, due to the nature of her outfit, the winner would be invited to remove it with his or her teeth and tongue, which got a good response. The bidding was brisk, everyone knew the bidding was for her not the outfit. The highest bid was $1,250. She picked up the envelope from a table near the dance floor and ripped it open. She took out a check and smiled, the sealed bid and winner is for $5,000. From our friend. He was baffled but took it all in stride and let her lead him onto the floor. He carefully removed the straps from her body and stood back to admire her. She surprised me when she said loudly, “you can have me here on the dance floor right now, or we can go to a private room where you can have your way with me, your choice.” He quietly responded that he would prefer the privacy this time, maybe in public another time. She led him toward a room with me following.

When we got there, he asked what was really going on. I told him the money was really a donation from my wife and I to our charity. She told him she had wanted him for a long time and that she knew he wanted her and that we had set up the whole thing to make that happen. He looked at me and asked me if I was OK with this. I reminded him that he and I had been through some wicked shit together and that I would be happy to see him take a little pleasure that he richly deserved. He said he could not say he hadn’t thought about it but dreams seldom came true for him. At that, I took a chair in the corner and she knelt in front of him and removed his trousers and underwear. She licked his balls and sucked him until he was very hard. She removed his shirt and lay down on the bed, spread her legs and pulled him on top of her. She told him she was going bareback because she new where his cock had been. She asked him to make sure he climaxed in her mouth. She arched her back so he could enter her. He did so and brought her to a quick orgasm. He then rolled over and began using his tongue on her pussy. She bent to suck him and pushed a finger into his ass. He moaned and she moved closer. Soon, her efforts were rewarded as he climaxed fully in her still sucking mouth. She sucked him clean, never losing a drop. She kept up her sucking until he was hard again, then she rolled over, got up on her hands and knees and asked him to take her in the ass. He positioned himself behind her and lubricated her with his tongue and inserted two fingers to relax her muscles then plunged gently into her. She cried out in pleasure and they moved in unison until they both climaxed again. They collapsed together on the bed and lay there for a while. She sucked him clean and lay back and asked him if he was OK. He said he might be better than he had ever been. She said she was delighted hey had finally gotten together and hoped they would do so again soon.

As I took my friend home, he told me he had really enjoyed the experience and warned me that he reserved the right to set me up in return. We did, in fact, enjoy several repetitions of this scenario and some others he engineered.

Those are for another time.

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