I was 16 and my sister was 13.

Once I had caught her looking at nude pics on google. When I saw it she started crying, begged me not to tell mom and dad. She worryingly said her friend showed her this and it makes her feel good.

She promised me never to do it again. I said its okay many do these kinda things and even I’ve watched porn. I also told her its not the right age for her to watch porn.

She asked when will she able to do all those stuffs, I said once you grow up.

But that night when we were finally on our bed, I was constantly thinking about it and was feeling horny. So I asked whether she wants to watch porn with me. She agreed to it and I started playing a video. We were watching it inside the blanket.

I was in so much heat I took my dick out and started to jerk off. She was slowly rubbing her pussy above her skirt. She told me she has never seen a real dick so I showed her my dick. She touched the balls first and said it is very soft. Then she rubbed my dick and I came on her hands. I asked her to taste my cum but she denied and washed her hands.

Next day we were again watching porn, this time she said she wants to jerk me, I agreed. For the first time she tasted my cum and she said she liked it. And after that we slept.

Next day same routine, but no porn. Both us were naked masturbating each other while kissing. This time I manhandled her, spread her legs wide and rubbed my dick on her pussy. Her eyes said she wanted it very badly. When I entered her she bleeded and got scared. I convinced her that it is normal and continued. The only position we tried that day was missionary. It’s lovely to see her boobs bouncing and her moaning while I fuck her.

We have plans to try anal, but lets see what else we can do.

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