I was born in the UK of an English father and an Indian mother. I’ve had sex with both my mother and sister,that’s a quick synopsis but I will explain how I seduced them.Two weeks after losing my virginity to my mother in confessed to my sister what had transpired so I will word it how I worded it to her.When I told her she was shocked but later intrigued then turned on.

I was fifteen my mother was 33,in a week’s time it was my sixteenth birthday and the week after her 34th birthday. One Friday I came home from school feeling envious that my friends had met girls and I hadn’t and told my mother about it.

She said”Perhaps school is not the place for you to meet girls you will meet someone one day first concentrate on your studies for your exams to leave school.”

My father was on night shifts and my sister had a sleep over with friends so my mother and I were alone together all night.She decided to have a bath,even though the door was closed I could still see inside,my mother took her knickers off and bared her buttocks and stood there naked. I was turned on even though she was my mother who knew I was watching,turned round told me to come in and smacked me across the face.

“You have seen a woman’s body now how me a man’s body!”

I stripped naked and got into the bath with her I saw her buttocks,breasts and bush.

“You are looking at my body”She said.

“I want you,I want your body.”

“Do you want to have sex with me?”


I kissed her,touched her breast and bush and sucked her breast,she got out of the bath put some Indian music on and did a nude mujra dance,I was so hard and erect I thought it was going to explode.We engaged in gurlie wrestling,then she put my penis in her mouth and sucked it then stood with her back to me turned her head and said.


She walked towards her bedroom door,I ran after her,we walked hand in hand naked to my parents’ bed,got in it,I laid on top of her.

“Do you want to?”She asked me.

“Yes I do”I replied.

Because I was a virgin I couldn’t penetrate her so she masturbated me,put my penis in her vagina,rode me,we rolled and had sex,I withdrew before I came,.

“I wanted you to come inside me.”

I could see my sister was intrigued.

Back to the story,I went to the bathroom to get dressed and have a drink,then went to bed,stripped bare,got into bed,my mother and I caressed each other as we laid on our sides i was hard and erect again.

I said”I want to make love to you.”

We had sex,I came inside her,she went to sleep,I didn’t I had priapism and woke her up and told her i wanted to make love to her again”

During midcopulation she smacked me across the face and masturbated me,we went to sleep.

I could see my sister was getting turned on.

Returning to the story,the next morning I woke up and my mother had gone,I went into the living room,she was on the pone to my father,we were both naked,I was hard and erect again and tried to have sex with her while she was on the phone,she smacked me across the face,stood there in all her naked glory and said.

“No not here!Come take my hand.”

we walked hand in hand to her bed and had sex then she said to me.

“What happened never happened you are not to speak or think of this again do you understand?”

I reluctantly agreed,we got dressed,she washed the bedclothes before her husband came home,my father walked in unaware of what had taken place,she let the bun out of hr hair showing her long curly locks then took a shower.I spied on her stripping bare.

I could see my sister was turned on and asked me if I found her sexually attractive?

I said “Yes”

Our parents went out to dinner and stayed over night at a hotel to celebrate our mother’s 34th birthday so my sister and I were alone together all night.She stood up stripped naked stood there in all her naked glory while I did likewise and walked hand in hand with her to my bedroom to have sex.she wasn’t a virgin she had a boyfriend the previous year.she was older me she was seventeen.

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