Yes i have and looking back on it i realize it’s wrong so don’t attack me for it in the comments.

When i was about 16 or 17 around that age, i was very into masturbating. One day i was home alone with my step brother but we were both in our rooms. I had my door cracked and not expecting my step brother to come out of his room for a while i decided to masturbate. I had a pink dildo that i decided to get out along with my vibrator just to see which one i wanted to use. I turned on some porn on my laptop and chose to use my dildo. I slowly undressed laid in my bed and touched myself with my fingers first to get me more wet than i already was. A little bit later i finally stuck my dildo in me once i was super wet, it felt so good. While pushing my dildo in and out of my slow then fast then slow again my step brother came out of his room and was looking through the crack of my door. I guess i really didn’t think it through well because i was moaning loud. I saw him but was to into what i was doing to care. It was also a little hot to have him watching me. Having my eyes clothes to get more into the porn i was watching at some point my step brother made it into my room quietly. I opened my eyes a little and saw him standing at the end of my bed just watching me but still i chose to just close my eyes again and enjoy. Finally i felt something, it was my step brothers hand on mine making me take the dildo out of my pussy. Instead he replaced it with his dick. Once i felt it go in i instantly opened my eyes and asked him what he was doing of which he replied with “helping you, just enjoy” so i did. It was very wrong of us to do that but it was very good sex and i ended up cumming harder than i ever had.

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