(names changed)

It was my friend James wife’s birthday. There were 7 of us invited for the party at his house, and it was a ton of fun. We played beer pong, and got drunk, except for her. She only drank wine, but I could tell she was buzzed. We haven't have this much fun since James and I were in high school.

In the later part of the night, around 1 or 2 some people left, and James retreated to his room and Liz and I were just sitting there with her friend Faith passed out in between us on the couch.

“Did you have a good birthday?”

“Yeah, thank you for coming.” She was a bit sad saying it, or just drunk.

“You sure?” I knew the answer as soon as I asked her that question. I’ve known James all my life, and he was always the center of the party. She just wanted to be noticed. I don’t know what got in me, but I got up and went next to her on the couch, really really really close to her. (It was a 3 person sofa).

I think it was the alcohol that got over me. I stared down her yellow sun-dress looking at her perfect C cups. Knowing that I was drunk, I am pretty sure I was staring and not looking. She was one of those girls that hated wearing bras. I had watches those babies shake every time we hung out. She had the perfect body. Shaped like an hour glass, and her ass was voluptuous.

I started cupping her boobs, and whispering her name. I knew what she was craving, just a little bit of attention. Her friend Faith could hear us, cause she was smiling while Liz started moaning, and she moved herself to the bean bag to give her the space. After all, Its her birthday!

I started finger her pussy, which was really wet. Moving it around her lips, driving her nuts, I was cupping her pussy and just using my entire palm to move it around and run my middle finger up through the gap flicking her clit. During this time, she unbuttoned my pants and slightly moved it down.

She played with it a little bit, but I think the whine kicked in. She got up and faced her friend Faith who was no awake watching us, and she sat on me. I spit on my hand and wet the around my cock for her to slide down easily.

She started moving her hips front and back, just sliding on my chest. Faith moved over to the couch and started caressing my hair and giving me little kisses on the cheek, and also playing with her friends pussy, whilst my cock was throbbing inside her.

It was too hot to me. I’m Cumming. She didn't get up.

Cum inside me baby. Faith moved her mouth and met us by my cock and her pussy. Fuck baby, I am cumning. Faith was licking her pussy and the bottom of my cock, and I held her head close to it. I was still hard so Liz turned around and faced me. Passionately kissing me, and inserting my cock back inside her. I was making out with the both of them, and it was by far the best night of my life.

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