I let my friend fuck her while I watched them. We had always talked and fantasized about her showing off sexually with another guy in front of me. When we go out, she loves wearing short skirts and no bra or panties, flashing and showing off her body. I especially love when she sits so you can see up her skirt or dress and when she wears a top or shirt that shows off her dark nipples. One of my old friends was visiting from out of town and after a few drinks at our house, she was feeling pretty relaxed. When my friend went to the bathroom, I suggested the idea of maybe a threesome or something to my wife. She was turned on by the idea and said maybe our fantasy would be coming true, and I told her to do whatever she wanted to do. If she didn’t feel comfortable, nothing would happen. If she was enjoying herself, then she could go as far as she wanted. She smiled and laughed, definitely feeling the liquor, saying to be careful of what I wished for. I laughed and wondered how far she would really go. It had always been talk, but now, it might become a reality. She then excused herself to go take a shower. While she was in the shower, I tipped off my friend, letting him know what we had in mind. I told him I wasn’t sure what to expect, if anything at all. He told me that whatever happened, he would be cool with it. After showering, she went into the bedroom and got “dressed”, putting on a small sheer white nightie and a pair of heels. From my vantage point in the living room, I saw her first and my stomach jumped with nerves, realizing what she was wearing. I was excited and nervous at the same time. She is Indian from the West Indies, 5’3”, long black hair with a very round shapely ass, nice strong thighs and calves and small perky 34B breasts. She has medium dark brown skin with very big dark nipples and a very thick black hairy bush. When she walked in front of us by the TV, with the lighting, you could see right through the negligee, nipples, bush and all ! I got hard immediately. I stood up and started kissing her and feeling her ass, pulling up her nightie and exposing her ass to my friend. After a few minutes, she said “Well, is your friend going to join us or what”? We carried her into the bedroom and I got to enjoy her stripping for us and then got to watch as she first sucked my friend’s cock for a while and then let him fuck her in variety of positions…. It was so incredibly hot, and we still talk about it months later. We’d like to do it again…..

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