The first time it actually happened. My wife has always been very reserved and came from a very conservative background. She is the over achiever that never got too crazy. We had talked about sharing countless times over our the almost 2 decades we’ve been together. We had even gone as far as putting ourselves in situations where it could happen on different occasions and I have left her alone in some of those situations, but she has always backed out last minute. Now that we are in our 40’s it actually happened.

Without getting in to a lengthy back story. There is a guy we have known for years. My wife went out with him a couple of times before me but stopped seeing him when we got together. They had never slept together. He never really said anything about it but I could always tell he didn’t like me. He had gotten married over time and we would see him occasionally because we have a lot of friends in common. My wife remained friends with him all of these years.

We went to a friend’s house for a BBQ one evening and he was there alone. My wife talked to him and found out that his wife had recently left him. He was feeling bad and she spent more than an hour of the evening trying to cheer him up. I was in earshot of them and I could hear her tell him that maybe he just needs to spend time with another woman to get over her. He asked her if she meant get laid? She said that there are plenty of women that would be happy to spend time with him. He asked her like who? At which point I couldn’t hear her response.

A little while later she came to me and asked if I minded if they went to our house to talk, so she could cheer him up. I asked her if she was going to cheer him up, or cheer him up? I didn’t really think it would happen. She said maybe. We only live 5 minutes away, she said he would drive her. I told her not to have too much fun. She told me in a kidding way, that I had no idea the kind of fun she had in store for him.

I hung around for another couple of hours. Finally one of our friends, a guy that has known me since high school asked where my wife was. I told him and he said, brave man letting her go home with her ex-boyfriend after she’s been drinking. I knew he was joking, but… So that got me thinking and finally I couldn’t stand the suspense, so I hopped in my car and headed home.

At home, I parked in the driveway and decided to go to the sliding glass door on the lanai, so they wouldn’t hear me come in. I walked in and as soon as I opened the door, I could hear panting. We had been talking about this so long, I still didn’t believe it. The sound was coming from the guest room and the door was slightly ajar.

I looked in and there were clothes strung out across the floor. The smell of sex was in the air and I knew my wife’s familiar rhythmic moan. They were in the bed and I could see his white ass bobbing up and down as he fucked my wife! I couldn’t believe it. I was excited and jealous all at the same time. I don’t know how long I watched but it felt like a long time. I snapped out of it when he started loudly moaning and thrusting his hips when he began to cum.

I quietly went back outside I could hear my wife so I wasn’t worried about them hearing me at that moment. I went back to my car, waited a few minutes and then pushed my key fab so it would beep. You can hear that inside the house. Then I came in the front door. I walked in and said loudly, Hello? Anyone home? It was quiet except for the sound of the door from the guest room that goes out to the lanai quietly clicking open and shut. My wife walked through the slider with him and they looked disheveled and guilty. I was shaking. My wife greeted me and he chimed in awkwardly that they were just sitting outside talking. Neither of them knew I was just out there or what I had seen.

They hadn’t been in the house for a minute before he said, I have to go. Thanks for cheering me up and he raced out the door. My wife looked at me and said, I have to tell you something. I played dumb and made her fumble it out before I told her what I had seen.

Since then, we have shared several more times.

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