Actually yes. We were at a nude/swingers resort and in the nude only pool. I was talking to some people and my wife was a couple of feet away talking to this guy and they had their arms around each other (not uncommon in this pool) when she turned to me and asked if I was ok. I said yes I’m fine. Then BOOM she wraps her legs around him and they start fucking! Whao…..I am ok didn’t mean you can fuck the guy. We had had several FMF experiences over the year but she had never been with another guy. It didn’t last long because of the water friction and the guy was huge and she had to stop. I wanted her to be with another guy but I figured we would know who it was and both say he’s fine and go for it. We talked about our communication afterwords and everything was fine. We learned to be more clear about what we were saying. Are you ok doesn’t mean can I fuck him….. Do you care if I fuck him works way better.

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