I absolutely love looking at her every day. I love waking up next to her. I love falling asleep next to her. There's never a time when I look at her that my heart doesn't skip a beat. I tell her all the time and she tells me it's because I'm biased, but I assure her that I wouldn't have married an ugly woman. And I mean that both inside and out.

Physical beauty is skin deep, but try living a day with no skin. Skin is important. Physical beauty is important. No matter how self-righteous people like to get about true beauty being on the inside, there is also beauty on the outside. And it matters. No one cares what type of canvas is behind the Mona Lisa. No one cares what the inside of Michelangelo's David looks like. No one cares about the inner shell of the violin when it's playing Paganini's Cantabile. The observable aesthetic matters. Skin matters. Physical beauty matters.

I've been married for 10 years this November and I swear she gets more beautiful every day. I truly love looking at her. There is no face on the planet that I'd rather see more frequently. It's true that her eyes tell a story of what's deeper inside, but that's beyond skin deep. The physical beauty is in the proportion, shadow, shape, tone, texture, curvature; all things visible. All things "skin deep". She looks amazing with no make-up. Then she looks amazing with make-up. She looks amazing when she smiles. She looks amazing when she scowls. Seeing her cry absolutely breaks my heart beyond repair. Not just that she's crying or what she's crying about, but the physical appearance of her crying even without knowing the cause.

Our initial attraction to each other was more than just physical. And it still is. But that doesn't mean that it's any less physical than it initially was. I love looking at pictures of her when she's not right in front of me. I adore her face, her appearance, her skin deep qualities. It's like living with a work of art from day to day. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

Of course, all that being said, if she were to become horribly disfigured tomorrow in a mag-lev train crash I'd still love her just as much. The loss of one type of beauty doesn't diminish the others. It only enhances them. In such a way that a blind person learns to smell or hear better. Someone with no legs gains stronger arms. I'd simply overlook that which is aesthetic and peer more deeply into all her other beauties. There's plenty there.

It takes more than aesthetics to maintain a relationship, and the lack of aesthetics isn't the death knell of one, but having something beautiful to look at each day is a wonderfully uplifting sensation. I cherish it and always will.

Edit: Astoundingly I've seen; in the past 24 hours since posting my answer; multiple comments asking for pictures. Is Quora a place where people go to find pictures of hot chicks? Really? And hot married chicks? Really? Lol.

The question was asking for my experience with a beautiful wife. Not for what others would think of my beautiful wife. But I guess if the question had asked for my opinion on some other aesthetic object I'd feel compelled to share it in order to exemplify why I have certain opinions about it. Keep in mind, I didn't marry her to show off. I didn't marry her to make others jealous. I didn't marry her as a trophy or a physical objet d'arte. I married her because I love her through and through. She just happens to be equally as attractive on the outside as she is on the inside. Lucky me. And I'm proud as hell of her. And this post IS about physical beauty; so here. Now you can all stop asking for pics of my hot wife; who is also on Quora by the way. :)

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