The answer to this question is complex.

So, Loving someone is very complex, you love your parents, your girlfriend, wife, goddess, mistress - Probably Yes to all - But in different ways.

Simple question - do you love your dog ? If the answer is yes, you know where I am going.

I have been a devotee to a girl for a few years and she did treat me well … did i matter to her - No. Did she want good things to happen to me - Yes. Did she care if bad things happened to me - Not as much as she would for people whom she gave a place in her life.

There are further factors - like at what stage the relationship is - if they have had a vanilla life for 20 years and are a middle age couple now trying cuckolding - the answer is different - and if they are a young couple the answer is different - further - there is indeed something called non-consensual chastity - ask me. There indeed are girls who would kick you out of their lives easier than they would drop a handkerchief and many of us indeed still fall in love with her. Many young girls are with a guy just because he is her “best option and and solves a purpose”.

So yes, the love is mostly there, though not necessarily. And even when its there its not necessarily the kind of love she would have for a handsome guy or for other guys. As in my case, there are cases when you yourself know you are not worthy of it and just fell in love with a girl so beautiful you actually physically tremble in her presence. You do not matter to her - and she did not care to decide to not care for you - as much as we would like to think of it in a kinky way - but majority of the times - it is a lop sided devotion for real and for a reason - and would be like that or nothing either ways - whether we choose to derive kinky pleasure out of it or not - i know better.

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