You will be jealous, that’s half the point. Do you think you are going to just sit there and get a free porn show? All that excitement you get when you think about is the jealousy, you just feel it differently than others do. The first time my wife went on a date with another guy I was awash with emotions. When she came home I gave her a bath and then held her all night telling her how much I loved her, I had never been so turned on in my life. I had already figured out that having sex with her before processing what had happened was a bad idea because you always feel different after you have an orgasm than before. I suggest you research male chastity before hand and put the practice to use. You do not want to orgasm for the week before and a week or more after because it will cause a form of buyers remorse and end in a fight. Practice ahead on satisfying her while you are in chastity. She will get so excited that she will forget all about the hotwife aspect for awhile. My wife loves the chastity part as much as the sex with other men part, maybe more. The trick is to either be very secure in your marriage or not give a damn if she leaves you or not. If your marriage is secure, she trusts you and you trust her enough to allow her to go off with another man then you may be able to pull this off.

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