Well if you're asking about the hot wife lifestyle. Then I can give an answer. That means my wife dates other men with my approval. She is a very hot looking women. So it is easy for her to find the type of guys she desires. We started by swinging one time,we were both in the same room with another couple. The reason we decided to try it is because,I had cancer and lost my right leg, that really limits the type of sex and pleasure I can provide. As I enjoyed the sex with the other wife,I couldn't stop watching her having sex with the other guy. Probably because she was very vocal while they were together. After we returned home and talked about t. I told her I was more satisfied by her being pleasured better than I have ever made her. She told me with some reluctance, that he was very large, which I already knew, and that he hit places I never have, and it felt great. I told her that I really enjoyed watching and knowing how good she was feeling. And that I wasn't going to swing anymore with her, but I was ok with her having other guys. It didn't take very long for her to agree with me. We both knew she had never felt like that before. I have met many of the guys she has dated over the last 8 years but not all of them. Some are friends of mine and some have became friends. Ive even went on golf trips with a couple of them to Myrtle Beach. Though I have watched her having sex more than a few times. She prefers for me not to be there most times,as do most of the guys. She is free to choose whomever she pleases. As wierd as it seems,my two buddies that have had her, we're told by me that they are doing me a favor, because after the leg and cancer, I can't please her anymore. Which really I couldn't before except orally as I still do. My two buddies always had the hots for her, and she always flirted with them before, so it was an easy sell. The others don't meet me until afterwards,if she keeps them around. As for me dealing with her being with other guys. It's definitely a turn on. My mind goes wild sitting at home, wondering where she is,who mite see them. Are they making out in the car after dinner, did they go dancing at a club. And of course are they back at his place,are they having sex in the kitchen, family room,or did they make it to the bedroom. How big is he, what is he doing to her, what are they doing that I can't. How much is she enjoying it ECT ECT. Then the question of is she coming home or is she spending the night. I used to get texts letting me know, but we decided, that she should just enjoy herself and not worry about me. But if it's someone new , she always keeps me informed though out the night. It definitely keeps me excited in more than one way though out the night. When she returns,at night or in the morning. She always tells me about the night, most times with vivid details ( but I'm sure, she doesn't tell me everything ). Most times I will orally please her when she comes home, if she's not to sore or tired. Sometimes I will have sex with her ,most times pleasure myself as she tells me about the sex. I guess it's turned into more of a Cuckolding lifestyle. But we are very much in love with each other. Our relationship has gotten stronger over the last 8 years. And as we both see it. It's just sex, there is no emotional feeling on her part towards them, except friendship with some. If they ever start having more feeling,she stops dating them.

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