I am not sure I completely fall into the category of “hotwife,” but my husband who loves me completely, got the idea from watching porn. He began to broach the subject slowly, at times, when we had sex (we are both very vocal and do some minor ‘role play’ during). He noticed that I seemed to be more turned on during these times, especially when mentioning during our ‘play’ that there were other men waiting their turn. Eventually, we discussed it out of the ‘bedroom’ at length and we decided to try it.

Now, a bit of background. My first boyfriend, when I was barely 15, had just turned 18; of course, my parents knew nothing of this. We started the ‘usual,’ kissing, slowly working up to ‘petting’ (mutual masturbation) that progressed to oral sex and even anal. Eventually, I was able to get on birth control pills from a clinic in town without my parents knowing using the excuse of painful/cramping periods. After waiting the recommended 5 weeks, we broadened our horizons to full on intercourse. We had sex of SOME sort 3 to 4 times a week and after a couple of months, he dumped me. He confessed he did not love me, but just wanted me for sex and to ‘use’ me every way a man could with a girl. Of course, I was devastated. Yet, his oral sex on me and with using his fingers, he was able to bring me to powerful orgasms fairly quickly, especially with his fingers.

I was more discrete and not so quick to be involved in sex with various other boyfriends over the years, through and a couple of years of college and post graduate work until I met my (now) husband. Still, I continued to think back and fantasize over my first boyfriend and how good the sex was. I found it more comfortable to be somewhat sexually submissive and actually found myself aroused by the thought of men just ‘using me’ as warm holes to ejaculate into. Over the years, I also discovered I had, somewhat, a semen/sperm fetish and also aroused at the though of a man’s semen inside of me, of sperm swimming up my tubes trying to impregnate me (without being able to, of course). Although I have never liked the taste of semen, I always swallowed and began to consider it my reward for a job well done with feelings of pride, yet a touch of humiliation.

Jump to the present; my husband and I continue sexually active, sometimes making love, other times he just randomly ’taking me’ as he sees fit to relieve himself in me after using his fingers to bring me to a powerful orgasm. I also have two ‘friends with benefits’ that have become trusted and all of us fully tested. I now us an IUD for birth control and find this even more arousing knowing my eggs get fertilized monthly, but do not implant. We ‘play’ with these two men separately and, on occasion, all four of us. Both of my ‘friends with benefits’ have learned our schedules and I am just a text message away when either is coming by to relieve themselves in me Between my 3 men, I have sex at least 4 to 5 times a week in some fashion!

My married neighbor, about my same age and I, while not ‘friends’ per se, we do have coffee together once a week or so and she eventually mentioned the two cars and the men that each came over a couple of time a week, staying only a few minute to a half an hour or so, most times. She, at first, thought I might be selling drugs! I decided to tell her about my situation and, after her astonishment subsided, we had a good laugh and she was relieved, but semi-jokingly, let me know to stay the hell away from her husband. I think she’s jealous! My younger sister also knows and she admits to being jealous!

I have been asked this before, so I’ll mention it; have I had sex at the same time with all 3 men in different holes? Yes; it is novel, and an experience, but not as pleasurable as one at a time. I find it thrilling to have one man inside of me, while the other two chat and make comments about my techniques, their favorite ‘holes’ to use, my desperation for their sperm! Especially fascinating when one of them is taking me anally (not my physcial favorite, but very stimulating from a mental viewpoint). It is not painful, but it is uncomfortable and they know it. It is obvious they are just using me, in those instances, as a place to ejaculate.

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