So. Been there, done that. Although this needs to be something your wife is conciously or subconsciously into. It's simple not appropriate to push any woman into this, indeed arrogant to assume a man can convince a woman of anything against her will. But here are the steps we followed:

  1. During sex talk about multi partner experiences. Suggest more guys to her. Blindfold her and play out fantasies together.
  2. Watch porn together. Consider her tastes. Introduce gangbangs, interracial and hotwife scenes.
  3. Introduce toys to your sexlife. Use them to simulate experiences involving other guys.
  4. Buy toys and underwear for her. Make her realise how desirable she is.
  5. When your our, encourage her to dress to impress. Point out to her when other guys take a second look, rather than feel jealous.
  6. Suggest doing it for real during sex. Do this a lot, edging more and more to reality.
  7. Send her pictures of hot scenes, stating you would love to see her like that.
  8. Video you both having sex, interweave that into your fantasies.
  9. Suggest attending a club to take a look. Nothing more.
  10. Hopefully she won't be able to resist going further, but it's her choice. If so make sure you have lots of eye contact so she knows you approve.
  11. Reassure her after, a lot. Quickly suggest a repeat.
  12. Then explore together. Building and building to allow all your and her fantasies to be realised.


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