First of all, why do you feel the need to wear shape-wear to bed? If its because you “feel” better or safe than go for it. With it being crotch-less..

If you are female and the fabric has nylon or polyester than being crotch-less is good because it allows your vagina to air out/breath. If it wasn’t crotch-less the possibilities of getting a yeast infection or UTI or PID is there because your vagina doesn’t have good circulation from the fabric.

If you are male and the same type of fabric as above then depending on how tight the hole is around your testicles or penis with the crotch-less shape-wear it could cause some loss of circulation and make you have some problems that won’t go away.. possibility. If the hole is loose around your manly parts and has no constrictions.. then go for it.

Think of your health first then is it going hurt anyone if you do it. IF the answer is good for health and it isn’t going to hurt anyone or upset anyone or it is at your private residence.. go for it.

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