Presently, just after midnight on a raw, dreary Long Beach morning, i have changed into a light brown matching panties and bra set from the Jacklyn Smith collection, a really sexy, ultra-fem brand procured from the neighborhood Kmart, believe it or not.

All day I wore light blue (almost turquoise) lace panties with a bra of the same color that I believe almost matches perfectly. It's a very pretty choice but I'd been in them all day and one of the bra's five hooks was digging me in the back the last few hours.

Earlier at Target I tried on two Maidenform bras. -- a lacy, white number with a racer back and clasp that is hooked on the front between the cup. I also tried on a pink one from Target's Auden brand.

It appears Target is trying to become more sophisticated with its selections, a move someone who favors trailer-park, white-trash styling dislikes.

That's one of the reasons I frequent the local Kmart. It offers the Jacklyn Smith brand and some cute, colorful offerings from Joe Boxer, but, if I may make a giant leap, most of their panties and bras are of the slut-on-a-budget variety. They're pretty and colorful, and the flowered and design models seemed aimed at the girl from the trailer park who is “out to get some “ that night.

It's a bit farther away but worth the ride. Five or six aisles and a back wall just dripping with sexy underthings, hassle-free fitting rooms and reasonably priced (read: cheap) items make it my go-to store for panties and bras. Recently it's been selling these panties and bra matching sets for $5. There are about 30 different styles, and tho the panties could be s little sexier, the pretty bras are well worth the price. I own about a dozen of these.

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