Lets distinguish between underwear and what a Woman wears to bed…

Women like practical underwear, bras and panties that FIT, are comfortable and are made for them not for OTHERS…

For bed… Well first off it varies a great deal. Is the Woman in an relationship or not? How does she view herself?

What a Woman wears to bed, when in a relationship can be of significant importance. It was a very big deal when I got married and for years afterwards.

My Wife when we married used to like to wear panties under men’s boxer shorts and a man’s T shirt or sweat shirt to bed.. She was comfortable but it was like sleeping with a guy and I hated it, a major turn off. She did not like to get undressed and she did not want ME undressing her either. let me repeat, I really hated it. This went on for years, it was a problem that didnot remedy itself. She thought everything was fine and let me assure you that it was not fine.

One day, I marched into a lingerie shop, the only man in a store filled with Women, one of whom knew me, knew my Wife and knew my Mother in Law - I did not care I was there for a reason and waited patiently to be served, I chose and purchased a camisole, lace and silk, a camisole is SHORT… she insisted on panties, but instead of cotton panties I got her a pretty matching panty, not raunch, pretty and no not cotton - silk, it was put in a box and gift wrapped and I put it on her PILLOW… She made some not so nice comments but she “complied” and wore that set. Ah ROMANCE, what a concept. All of a sudden my Wife, looked amazing and not like a guy.

So I started buying more lingerie for her, comfortable, pretty, feminine, romantic things that took her absolute need for modesty into account but it was not like getting in bed with a guy. Nothing raunchy - that was not going to fly, She found she could use lingerie at bed time to communicate without saying a word. She could extend an invitation when she wished to extend one and there was no mistaking what her intent was when she chose to do so. Things started to improve rather dramatically.

She knows what she likes, she has over the years decided on her own that she wishes to extend this invitation to me every night. She wears a wide variety of things, very rarely racy, though from time to time she will get quite aggressive and is very much in control over the agenda and the proceedings, but to her taste, my Wife is a very fulfilled Woman and I am a very much blessed man. Often I think appropriate sleepwear unleashed a sexual appetite in her that I would never have never dreamed existed in a Woman. I learned early on that a man is no contest in terms of appetite for a Woman who has an appetite and is assured of fulfilment. She is a very much changed Woman and is extremely confident and very much in control.

Sleepwear, the right sleepwear can make a very big difference.

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