There are just so many many reasons to love lingerie! I love the way it makes my girlfriend look & I love the way it makes me look. It gives me a feeling I can't explain but is just amazing! The boredom of grabbing a pair of boxers out of your drawer every morning gets old and has no excitement. But every day when I get dressed the best part of getting ready is picking out my panties!! I go into my drawer and pick whichever pair I feel like wearing that day which is the pair that makes me feel the sexiest!! We have over 200 pairs of panties so I have a lot to chose from. I personally prefer thongs 99% of the time because I find them the most comfortable & sexiest!! My girlfriend and I are avid lingerie collectors, she encourages and supports my panty wearing, & we both with most brands wear the same size panties so we share everything we have.(I personally am not a full cross dressor and my interests for me are only panties, hold-ups, garter belts & stockings. For my love she enjoys almost everything! ITS OUR OWN PRIVATE SECRET WE ENJOY TOGETHER & ITS A HOBBY WE SHARE THAT HAS BROUGHT US AN AMZING SEX LIFE & AN EVEN MORE AMAZING LEVEL OF INTAMACY TO OUR RELATIONSHIP) I personally wear lingerie for so many reasons!

It makes me feel great and even better about myself

I feel super sexy & desirable

I find it extremely comfortable

I have endless choices compared to men's underwear

The styles & varieties are so much better & allow a lot more options; such as panties I wear to work, panties I wear when not at work that are much sexier and stylish (don't want to wear to work for fear of ruining them or staining them with sweat & so on) different cuts, shapes, silhouettes, colors, materials, transparencies

I feel like what I pick is kind of how I feel thay day

Its a way for me to express myself and wear clothing i love that shows my softer and more feminine side, a way to feel hot, makes me feel naughty knowing that no one else knows what I have on, it has been something I have enjoyed ever since I put a hot chicks thong on in high school and I embraced my difference which has been something great I did for myself

I think that everyone should try womens undergarments atleast once but everyone wants to feel sexy & naughty & desirable at times or moments in there lives and mens clothing doesn't offer much for that but womens lingerie does!

Give it a try a lot more men wear panties than you think amd keep in mind a majority of these men are straight heterosexual males such as myself. Don't knock it till you try it

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